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New York, NY, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Algeo, William  New York, NY, USA I51180
2 Algeo, William J.  Jan 1885New York, NY, USA I132756
3 Allen, Elizabeth Malinda  22 May 1854New York, NY, USA I121345
4 Anderson, Isaac UEL  14 Feb 1764New York, NY, USA I50828
5 Benson, Christopher Jr.  6 Jun 1761New York, NY, USA I41709
6 Brown, Michael  Abt 1884New York, NY, USA I88580
7 Cartwright, Charles B.  Abt 1898New York, NY, USA I2800
8 Clark, Bessie Lee  Abt 1905New York, NY, USA I59931
9 Covert, John  1754New York, NY, USA I45576
10 Croft, Alice Elizabeth  1 Sep 1874New York, NY, USA I154803
11 Dewolfe, Mabel W.  30 Apr 1866New York, NY, USA I46507
12 Dunscombe, Louisa E.  20 Sep1859New York, NY, USA I88213
13 Durland, Elizabeth  1767New York, NY, USA I49029
14 Easson, David  Abt 1792New York, NY, USA I49138
15 Egleston, Matilda A.  New York, NY, USA I60987
16 Fairbanks, Fenwick Williams  22 Oct 1879New York, NY, USA I53970
17 Fairbanks, Florence Esmond  13 Nov 1876New York, NY, USA I53968
18 Fairbanks, Prescott Collins  24 Jan 1878New York, NY, USA I53969
19 Fairbanks, William Bragden  4 Jul 1884New York, NY, USA I53971
20 Grant, Helen  2 May 1770New York, NY, USA I42851
21 Hennigar, Henry  5 Dec 1778New York, NY, USA I16851
22 Hennigar, John  Abt 1771New York, NY, USA I45311
23 Hensley, Emily Gwendolyn  21 Dec 1891New York, NY, USA I54830
24 Inglis, Bishop John  9 Dec 1777New York, NY, USA I56300
25 Inglis, Margaret  1775New York, NY, USA I58438
26 Jarvie, George K.  Abt 1875New York, NY, USA I143229
27 Jones, Reginald L. Jr.  22 Dec 1926New York, NY, USA I37788
28 Jones, Reginald Lamont  28 Feb 1886New York, NY, USA I57456
29 Knauth, Arnold Whitman  8 Dec 1890New York, NY, USA I39751
30 Knauth, Felix Whitman  10 Jun 1895New York, NY, USA I39749
31 Knauth, Dr. Oswald Whitman Ph.D.  3 Jun 1887New York, NY, USA I54053
32 Knauth, Percival  11 Nov 1851New York, NY, USA I54051
33 Knauth, Victor Whitman  10 Jun 1895New York, NY, USA I39750
34 Laubinger, Henry F.  Abt 1884New York, NY, USA I137363
35 Luhrssen, Claus H.  24 Oct 1910New York, NY, USA I121895
36 Margeson, Gideon  Abt 1754New York, NY, USA I44827
37 McCoy, Archie Robert  26 Feb 1903New York, NY, USA I29973
38 McCoy, Violet  Abt 1905New York, NY, USA I29980
39 McLamore, James Whitman  30 May 1926New York, NY, USA I34560
40 Neil, John Clemson  17 Jun 1770New York, NY, USA I11548
41 Newton, Benjamin Francis  3 Nov 1927New York, NY, USA I26455
42 Pryor, Edward  12 Sep 1745New York, NY, USA I54852
43 Pryor, John  9 Oct 1769New York, NY, USA I49979
44 Quereau, Ann  1 Aug 1774New York, NY, USA I46060
45 Quereau, Elizabeth  12 Apr 1784New York, NY, USA I162333
46 Quereau, Joshua  30 Nov 1753New York, NY, USA I50548
47 Quereau, Joshua  6 Aug 1781New York, NY, USA I162331
48 Quereau, Phebe  22 Oct 1775New York, NY, USA I162328
49 Quereau, Sarah  1 Apr 1777New York, NY, USA I162329
50 Quereau, Sarah  10 Jan 1780New York, NY, USA I162330

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Lugrin, Catherine  6 Jul 1783New York, NY, USA I54111


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Algeo, William J.  2 Mar 1929New York, NY, USA I132756
2 Andrews, Sarah Angelina  10 Jan 1912New York, NY, USA I54047
3 Barteaux, Helen E.  25 Feb 1928New York, NY, USA I40360
4 Beckwith, Dr. Bertha Delight M.D.  20 Aug 1967New York, NY, USA I46281
5 Botsford, Warden Blair  7 Apr 1887New York, NY, USA I41963
6 Cann, Ephraim W.  12 Aug 1873New York, NY, USA I146278
7 Cousins, Capt. Edward C.  Abt Dec 1875New York, NY, USA I173439
8 Curry, Thomas Andrew  17 Aug 1867New York, NY, USA I182958
9 Dewolf, Jehiel Jr.  31 Oct 1825New York, NY, USA I37113
10 Faulkner, Elsie Lorena  Nov 1987New York, NY, USA I10323
11 Field, David Dudley II  13 Apr 1894New York, NY, USA I54802
12 Fitzhugh, William Wyvill Jr.  27 Jan 1966New York, NY, USA I65631
13 Harris, Capt. Peter J.P.  19 Jun 1779New York, NY, USA I38529
14 Harvie, Whidden A.  25 Jun 1935New York, NY, USA I97475
15 Huntington, William Chipman  Mar 1966New York, NY, USA I50989
16 LeJeune, George Fitz Curwood  11 Apr 1904New York, NY, USA I113918
17 McBean, Alexander  26 Jan 1891New York, NY, USA I16999
18 Parker, Mary Desiah  9 Mar 1913New York, NY, USA I53443
19 Phalen, James  24 May 1864New York, NY, USA I78354
20 Quereau, Elizabeth  14 May 1784New York, NY, USA I162333
21 Quereau, Phebe  29 Sep 1776New York, NY, USA I162328
22 Quereau, Sarah  21 Nov 1778New York, NY, USA I162329
23 Quereau, Sarah  28 Feb 1781New York, NY, USA I162330
24 Shaw, Isaiah  11 Jun 1819New York, NY, USA I48412
25 Slocum, Victor Joshua  10 Dec 1949New York, NY, USA I44583
26 Sommerville, Rev. Robert Mcgowan D.D.  3 Feb 1920New York, NY, USA I41578
27 Speir, Mary Coley  1955New York, NY, USA I39160
28 Thorne, Stephen Jr.  23 Oct 1814New York, NY, USA I58718
29 VanBuskirk, Georgina  18 Sep 1903New York, NY, USA I113917
30 Welton, Herbert Read  Dec 1939New York, NY, USA I54937
31 Wetmore, Abraham  6 Feb 1790New York, NY, USA I37016
32 Whitman, Alfred  22 Feb 1905New York, NY, USA I54046
33 Whitman, Florence Louisa  7 Feb 1919New York, NY, USA I54042
34 Whitman, Malcolm Douglas  28 Dec 1932New York, NY, USA I53958
35 Whitman, Reginald Langworthy  May 1963New York, NY, USA I39907


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Chipman, Elizabeth  17 Mar 1924New York, NY, USA I41577
2 Doyle, Ella  23 Dec 1906New York, NY, USA I51179
3 Whitman, Esmond  20 Jan 1922New York, NY, USA I53979


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Botsford / Main  22 Jul 1837New York, NY, USA F12960
2 Cunningham / Knapp  2 Feb 1848New York, NY, USA F7524
3 De St. Croix / Gallaudet  11 Feb 1759New York, NY, USA F3822
4 Dodge / Cornery  28 Oct 1817New York, NY, USA F4697
5 Letteney / Evans  Abt 1774New York, NY, USA F2808
6 Loveley / Algeo  29 Dec 1907New York, NY, USA F55088
7 Means / Rice  14 Nov 1907New York, NY, USA F11422
8 Purdy / Miller  New York, NY, USA F265
9 Schoonmaker / Henninger  16 Sep 1936New York, NY, USA F4798
10 Whitman / McCook  2 Apr 1907New York, NY, USA F11382
11 Whitman / Stedman  31 Oct 1947New York, NY, USA F14470

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