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Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Mary E.  Abt 1868Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA I60389
2 Adams, Nancy Jane  15 May 1928Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA I171066
3 Andrews, Susanna  1684Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA I57197
4 Balcom, Edith May  20 Apr 1886Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA I150808
5 Berry, Maria Elizabeth  23 Jun 1852Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA I169595
6 Brown, Prof. Benjamin Graves  22 Feb 1837Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA I57527
7 Cash, Mary Elizabeth  Abt 1841Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA I41618
8 Chipman, Hon. Ward  30 Jul 1754Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA I42609
9 Clements, Elizabeth  10 Feb 1767Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA I34698
10 Coates, William H.  Abt 1876Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA I69723
11 Craigie, Sarah E.  Abt 1859Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA I145024
12 Doliber, John F.  Jun 1867Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA I115958
13 Eaton, Margaret Evelyn  1 Aug 1897Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA I39589
14 Edwards, Frank F.  Sep 1861Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA I129662
15 Felker, Elizabeth  Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA I58091
16 Flint, Capt. Thomas  Abt 1735Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA I55360
17 Hyam, Edna  Abt 1907Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA I60387
18 Hyam, Phillip A.  Abt 1874Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA I60388
19 Johnson, Sarah S.  Abt 1827Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA I37994
20 Lent, Florence Elizabeth Elaine  8 Jun 1908Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA I172340
21 Levallee, Mary  23 Aug 1730Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA I62223
22 Levalley, Peter  1702Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA I62220
23 Levally, Peter Jr.  13 Oct 1728Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA I62222
24 Marshall, Susan Adelia  25 Mar 1864Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA I41616
25 Martin, Luxton Arnold  26 Nov 1922Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA I171065
26 Martin, William Gerry  31 Jan 1890Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA I171064
27 Messenger, Catherine Elizabeth  29 Nov 1887Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA I164187
28 Orne, Benjamin S.  Abt 1814Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA I37995
29 Orne, Mary Elizabeth  1 Oct 1853Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA I57087
30 Pierce, Chester Brown  Abt 1886Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA I150809
31 Ramsdell, John  7 Nov 1825Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA I164520
32 Randall, Charles A.  10 Oct 1866Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA I150503
33 Standley, Nancy M.  Oct 1843Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA I150619
34 Vroom, Daniel R.  28 Jul 1855Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA I102455
35 Wallis, Louisa  3 Jul 1832Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA I164521
36 Weeks, Capt. Joshua W. Jr.  26 Nov 1769Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA I56488
37 Weeks, Sarah  1763Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA I56492
38 Yabsley, Elisabeth  8 Dec 1706Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA I62221
39 Yabsley, John  1680Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA I57284
40 Yabsley, John  24 Jun 1705Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA I56691
41 Yabsley, Robert  30 Oct 1709Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA I56693
42 Yabsley, Thomas  13 Mar 1714Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA I56690
43 Yabsley, William  27 Jul 1712Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA I56694


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Levallee, Mary  23 Aug 1730Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA I62223
2 Levally, Peter Jr.  13 Oct 1728Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA I62222
3 Yabsley, Elisabeth  8 Dec 1706Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA I62221


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adams, Nancy Jane  17 Oct 2013Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA I171066
2 Brooks, Ada Jane  23 Mar 1897Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA I55410
3 Brown, Prof. Benjamin Graves  29 Sep 1903Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA I57527
4 Davis, Martha  17 Apr 1949Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA I159178
5 Dewolfe, Perez Morton  23 Apr 2000Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA I54916
6 Elder, Richard Webb  2 Jan 1959Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA I159180
7 Healy, David Percy  1927Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA I55408
8 Luxton, Ethel Maretta  22 Sep 1946Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA I171063
9 Martin, Luxton Arnold  10 Aug 1993Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA I171065
10 Martin, William Gerry  7 Apr 1973Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA I171064
11 Randall, Charles A.  8 Feb 1872Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA I150503
12 Randall, Forbes  7 Jun 2000Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA I60386
13 Randall, William Henry  28 Sep 1907Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA I35392
14 Rice, Alice May  14 Feb 1964Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA I59334
15 Sanford, Sylvester Oberlin  5 Mar 1893Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA I93379
16 Tupper, Susan A.  19 Oct 1876Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA I35391
17 Yabsley, John  5 Mar 1717Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA I57284


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Balcom / Moran  9 Mar 1890Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA F61694
2 Berry / Hines  24 Dec 1851Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA F68629
3 Doliber / Coleman  11 Sep 1888Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA F48508
4 Eldridge / Thurber  30 Aug 1888Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA F56217
5 Flint / Ellenwood  24 Mar 1771Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA F7276
6 Harris / Craigie  19 Jul 1887Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA F59655
7 Hodges / Orne  27 Oct 1871Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA F7937
8 Levalley / Yabsley  3 Dec 1727Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA F10774
9 Pierce / Balcom  26 Oct 1910Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA F61692
10 Ramsdell / Parker  30 Sep 1880Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA F66742
11 Yabsley / Andrews  9 Dec 1703Marblehead, Essex, MA, USA F10807

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