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Dixon, Lee, IL, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barnhart, Jesse Earl  5 Nov 1906Dixon, Lee, IL, USA I28331
2 Becker, Henry S.  Mar 1867Dixon, Lee, IL, USA I28358
3 Becker, Lucretia O.  18 Jan 1870Dixon, Lee, IL, USA I28359
4 Becker, Nathan H.  25 Mar 1867Dixon, Lee, IL, USA I28356
5 Brink, Esther  18 Mar 1898Dixon, Lee, IL, USA I28167
6 Brink, Margaret  21 Dec 1895Dixon, Lee, IL, USA I28163
7 Coates, Leonard H.  21 Jul 1897Dixon, Lee, IL, USA I28176
8 Feldkirchner, Ethel O.  Oct 1888Dixon, Lee, IL, USA I28319
9 Girton, Zillah Minta  10 Jan 1890Dixon, Lee, IL, USA I28182
10 Heaton, Georgia  29 Jan 1871Dixon, Lee, IL, USA I28168
11 Heaton, Jessie May  29 Nov 1867Dixon, Lee, IL, USA I28150
12 Heaton, Nellie H.  29 Jan 1871Dixon, Lee, IL, USA I28180
13 Heaton, William H.  26 Nov 1853Dixon, Lee, IL, USA I28145
14 Heckman, Glenn J.  6 Jan 1919Dixon, Lee, IL, USA I28372
15 Hetler, Amanda H.  Aug 1844Dixon, Lee, IL, USA I28354
16 Hetler, Anna May  13 Jul 1864Dixon, Lee, IL, USA I28314
17 Hetler, Florence R.  22 Apr 1885Dixon, Lee, IL, USA I28351
18 Hetler, Grace May  9 Dec 1869Dixon, Lee, IL, USA I28342
19 Hetler, Harry  3 Nov 1890Dixon, Lee, IL, USA I28363
20 Hetler, Henry Clay  May 1850Dixon, Lee, IL, USA I28379
21 Hetler, Ida Gertrude  3 Dec 1866Dixon, Lee, IL, USA I28252
22 Hetler, Imogene (Emma Jean)  22 Jul 1867Dixon, Lee, IL, USA I28317
23 Hetler, Jeremiah  4 Oct 1842Dixon, Lee, IL, USA I28340
24 Hetler, Jesse  27 Apr 1839Dixon, Lee, IL, USA I28305
25 Hetler, John  25 Nov 1846Dixon, Lee, IL, USA I28360
26 Hetler, John Thomas  6 Jun 1865Dixon, Lee, IL, USA I28315
27 Hetler, Katherine  26 Feb 1877Dixon, Lee, IL, USA I28329
28 Hetler, Katherine Maude  5 Dec 1871Dixon, Lee, IL, USA I28346
29 Hetler, Lulu Mae  8 Oct 1868Dixon, Lee, IL, USA I28276
30 Hetler, Minnie Elizabeth  21 Oct 1879Dixon, Lee, IL, USA I28298
31 Hetler, Nettie  1876Dixon, Lee, IL, USA I28350
32 Miller, Earl Lester  2 Feb 1890Dixon, Lee, IL, USA I28278
33 Miller, Harold Dewey  18 Jan 1898Dixon, Lee, IL, USA I28291
34 Miller, Hiram Edgar  30 Aug 1891Dixon, Lee, IL, USA I28282
35 Miller, Orville Rae  28 Jun 1893Dixon, Lee, IL, USA I28286
36 Sanford, Fernando Newton  8 Sep 1884Dixon, Lee, IL, USA I28254
37 Sanford, Fred Hiram  6 Aug 1888Dixon, Lee, IL, USA I28260
38 Sanford, Jasper Hetler  8 Sep 1884Dixon, Lee, IL, USA I28257
39 Spencer, Amanda Lucretia  9 Aug 1868Dixon, Lee, IL, USA I28226
40 Spencer, David H.  20 May 1861Dixon, Lee, IL, USA I28204


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Becker, Lucretia O.  22 Feb 1942Dixon, Lee, IL, USA I28359
2 Brink, Esther  29 Nov 1954Dixon, Lee, IL, USA I28167
3 Brink, Margaret  9 May 1963Dixon, Lee, IL, USA I28163
4 Brink, Robert  21 Apr 1963Dixon, Lee, IL, USA I28152
5 Glessner, Lola Lucille  9 Apr 1970Dixon, Lee, IL, USA I28300
6 Heaton, Jessie May  2 Jan 1927Dixon, Lee, IL, USA I28150
7 Hetler, Anna Margaret  8 May 1919Dixon, Lee, IL, USA I28143
8 Hetler, Anna May  23 Aug 1864Dixon, Lee, IL, USA I28314
9 Hetler, Florence R.  1 Jan 1963Dixon, Lee, IL, USA I28351
10 Hetler, Harry  Aug 1971Dixon, Lee, IL, USA I28363
11 Hetler, Henry Clay  23 Oct 1851Dixon, Lee, IL, USA I28379
12 Hetler, John  25 Jul 1930Dixon, Lee, IL, USA I28360
13 Hetler, Lulu Mae  18 Oct 1898Dixon, Lee, IL, USA I28276
14 Hetler, Mary Ann  11 Sep 1882Dixon, Lee, IL, USA I28192
15 Hetler, Nathaniel  22 May 1877Dixon, Lee, IL, USA I28141
16 Sanford, Fred Hiram  22 Jul 1971Dixon, Lee, IL, USA I28260
17 Sanford, Fred Hiram Jr.  15 Apr 2003Dixon, Lee, IL, USA I28265
18 Spencer, David H.  30 Jan 1945Dixon, Lee, IL, USA I28204
19 Spencer, Lester E.  Dec 1992Dixon, Lee, IL, USA I28209
20 Spencer, Lloyd E.  2 Apr 1962Dixon, Lee, IL, USA I28248


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Barnhart / Struckman  3 Juul 1926Dixon, Lee, IL, USA F26735
2 Brink / Gilroy  27 Jan 1920Dixon, Lee, IL, USA F26673
3 Brink / Heaton  20 Feb 1890Dixon, Lee, IL, USA F26672
4 Christensen / Glessner  1 Jun 1936Dixon, Lee, IL, USA F26721
5 Feldkirchner / Hetler  1887Dixon, Lee, IL, USA F26728
6 Girton / Heaton  28 May 1899Dixon, Lee, IL, USA F26682
7 Hetler / Atkins  1882Dixon, Lee, IL, USA F26724
8 Hetler / McCleary  25 Dec 1867Dixon, Lee, IL, USA F26738
9 Miller / Hetler  13 Feb 1889Dixon, Lee, IL, USA F26712
10 Sanford / Lambert  14 Feb 1924Dixon, Lee, IL, USA F26708
11 Spencer / Dana  1895Dixon, Lee, IL, USA F26703
12 Spencer / Hetler  7 Feb 1856Dixon, Lee, IL, USA F26686

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