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Beverly, Essex, MA, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Abbott, Abbie Thorndike  Jul 1882Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I62095
2 Brown, Benjamin 1st  18 Feb 1738Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I44958
3 Cameron, Ellwood Forrest  19 Jul 1909Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I88016
4 Chipman, John  23 Oct 1722Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I42703
5 Daniels, Philip Gage  3 May 1905Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I136892
6 Daniels, Richard Joyce  17 Nov 1907Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I136893
7 Dodge, Eunice  28 Sep 1712Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I49291
8 Durling, Burpee Everett  26 Feb 1900Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I61743
9 Ellingwood, Eleanor  7 Jul 1688Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I56277
10 Fifield, Ann Mary  20 Oct 1839Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I178056
11 Friend, Sarah Elliott  Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I65988
12 Hanson, Gertrude  Abt 1890Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I37277
13 Haskell, Mary M.  9 Apr 1740Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I50832
14 Hennessey, Beatrice Lavinia  Abt 1894Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I83153
15 Kinsman, Grace G.  Abt 1887Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I65037
16 Luxton, Minnie Florence  4 Jan 1889Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I171060
17 MacDougall, Burton James  1 Jan 1918Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I129284
18 MacDougall, Carroll E.  6 May 1923Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I129285
19 MacDougall, Howard Kendall ('Jim')  3 Feb 1914Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I26546
20 MacDougall, Unnamed  21 Dec 1914Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I129280
21 McComisky, David John  17 Nov 1874Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I61809
22 McCormick, Israel Austin  18 Apr 1851Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I58882
23 Means, Susan  13 Sep 1915Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I39899
24 Obear, Horace  30 Aug 1842Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I138655
25 Poland, Charles Henry  28 May 1866Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I106392
26 Rayment, Martha  11 Aug 1692Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I55929
27 Redding, William Herbert  9 Jul 1840Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I145494
28 Scruton, Lena Esma  17 Jan 1886Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I150505
29 Stone, John Perley  Jul 1862Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I62131
30 Woodbury, Jonathan  12 Sep 1682Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I56276
31 Woodbury, Jonathan Jr.  11 Dec 1713Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I47372


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Ellingwood, Eleanor  26 Jun 1692Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I56277
2 Woodbury, Capt. Elisha  13 Nov 1737Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I47373
3 Woodbury, Jonathan  15 Oct 1682Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I56276
4 Woodbury, Jonathan Jr.  13 Dec 1713Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I47372
5 Yarrington, Mary  16 Nov 1701Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I99068


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Fannie M.  25 Dec 1959Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I171069
2 Rita C.  24 Jan 1984Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I37438
3 Banks, Austin Melbry  5 Jan 1957Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I171042
4 Banks, Edwin  18 Apr 1919Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I171077
5 Bearse, Arnold  21 Mar 1958Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I120990
6 Benjamin, Wylie Allen  20 May 1977Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I93774
7 Brown, Orland Chesley  1 Dec 1966Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I92071
8 Burgess, Walter McNutt  5 Sep 1908Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I110487
9 Christopher, Asahel Bill  11 Oct 1890Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I52335
10 Christopher, Elnathan  22 May 1898Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I52226
11 Christopher, Maria A.  14 Sep 1904Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I52289
12 Dalrymple, Remina  1937Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I63263
13 Ellingwood, Eleanor  Jul 1759Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I56277
14 Fader, Ephraim  3 Feb 1931Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I107512
15 Loring, Gen. Charles Greely  18 Aug 1902Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I40109
16 Lovett, Daniel Merritt  7 Apr 1882Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I42633
17 Luxton, Minnie Florence  21 Mar 1982Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I171060
18 MacDougall, Alexander Archibald  4 Oct 1941Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I26544
19 MacDougall, Evelyn  17 Aug 1930Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I129287
20 MacDougall, Unnamed  21 Decd 1914Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I129280
21 Marshall, Esther L.  Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I156934
22 Marshall, Renslow S.  22 Nov 1973Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I107554
23 McLellan, George Theodore  12 Mar 1914Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I66598
24 McPhee, Hazel Rebecca  10 Mar 1974Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I159022
25 North, Mary Lois  29 Dec 1928Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I106293
26 Phinney, Earl Percy  8 Oct 1996Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I55608
27 Poland, Charles Henry  10 Dec 1951Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I106392
28 Prentiss, Eunice  Jun 1874Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I61976
29 Randall, Thomas Arthur  28 Feb 1931Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I150504
30 Rankin, Hannah  15 Oct 1903Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I57169
31 Reynolds, Alvin Belknap  21 May 1912Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I75369
32 Rice, Rupert  23 Aug 1929Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I35401
33 Ritchie, Thomas  15 Jul 1910Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I52290
34 Scruton, Lena Esma  26 Feb 1966Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I150505
35 Staples, Adeline A.  6 Sep 1911Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I171078
36 Talbot, Jeremiah Frank  8 Mar 1951Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I159023
37 Wheelock, Lottie Ester  6 Mar 1947Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I106372
38 Wheelock, Major Cleveland  27 Nov 1924Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I106292
39 Wyatt, Martha A.  30 Nov 1919Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I138656


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Banks, Ermina Alice  Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I171071
2 Bill, Caleb Rand  Beverly, Essex, MA, USA I39653


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Baldwin / Luscomb  24 Jun 1916Beverly, Essex, MA, USA F50285
2 Barbrick / Heaphy  26 Nov 1911Beverly, Essex, MA, USA F33823
3 Brown / Haskell  24 Jul 1760Beverly, Essex, MA, USA F2129
4 Chute / Graham  26 Nov 1860Beverly, Essex, MA, USA F65183
5 Crosby / Banks  19 Jul 1893Beverly, Essex, MA, USA F69151
6 Daniels / Gage  16 Jun 1904Beverly, Essex, MA, USA F11997
7 Scott / Hennessey  1 Jan 1913Beverly, Essex, MA, USA F35975
8 Stone / Christopher  26 Feb 1891Beverly, Essex, MA, USA F10729
9 Woodbury / Dodge  24 Jun 1735Beverly, Essex, MA, USA F3825
10 Woodbury / Ellingwood  25 Mar 1708Beverly, Essex, MA, USA F7482
11 Young / Wilkinson  8 Sep 1909Beverly, Essex, MA, USA F28115

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