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Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S.



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Archibald, Andrew  6 Apr 1867Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I75610
2 Archibald, James  10 Jun 1861Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I11149
3 Archibald, Margaret  14 Mar 1869Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I80269
4 Archibald, Martha  Aug 1855Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I80264
5 Blois, William E.  8 May 1856Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I5113
6 Burgess, Arabella  Abt 1848Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I110280
7 Emmerson, Ethel Marcella  3 Jan 1909Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I124542
8 Emmerson, Frederic (Emery) Archibald  9 Sep 1906Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I124541
9 Emmerson, Sara Gertrude  28 Jun 1910Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I124543
10 Fitzmaurice, Charles Thomas  10 Sep 1867Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I58010
11 Fitzmaurice, Edward Augustus  1 Aug 1847Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I89023
12 Hanes, Frances Martell  Jul 1907Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I11613
13 Harvey, Mark  7 May 1856Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I19003
14 Kenty, Elsie  Jun 1886Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I66059
15 Mann, Percival (Percy) James  Abt 1905Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I104681
16 Maynard, Lily  Abt 1895Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I126895
17 McClare, Thora  Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I158689
18 Mosher, Florence M.  1 Jun 1873Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I58011
19 Norris, Elizabeth  17 Oct 1871Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I14778
20 Roach, Genevieve Frances  4 Mar 1892Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I65148
21 Roulston, Robert C.  May 1824Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I7680
22 Shaffelburg, Lucy  Abt 1843Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I155176
23 Smith, Lydia H.  Abt 1842Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I78822
24 Ward, Maria  Abt 1824Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I174460


Matches 1 to 46 of 46

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Archibald, Margaret  18 Aug 1914Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I80269
2 Beals, Frances Ann  16 Oct 1927Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I38880
3 Beals, Hannah  23 Jan 1916Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I58013
4 Blackadder, Dr. Edward Alfred  22 Oct 1922Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I57966
5 Brimicombe, John Martin  21 Mar 1955Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I84468
6 Burgess, Helene Frances  23 Jul 2017Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I167316
7 Chipman, Curtiss Lowell  9 Jul 1953Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I65352
8 Cox, Leah Maria  Apr 1982Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I142399
9 Craig, Emma Eliza  27 Mar 1934Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I8168
10 Daniels, Jeremiah A.  21 Feb 1925Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I55490
11 Densmore, James Eldridge  9 May 2015Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I62671
12 Emmerson, Ethel Marcella  4 Apr 1912Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I124542
13 Emmerson, Sara Gertrude  24 Apr 1915Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I124543
14 Ettinger, Russell McKenzie  Dec 1987Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I12002
15 Fitzmaurice, Charles Thomas  24 Aug 1949Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I58010
16 Fitzmaurice, James A.  7 Feb 1921Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I58012
17 Frame, Bertha Ethel  20 May 2010Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I13532
18 Hennigar, Gordon Edward  4 Mar 1992Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I2945
19 Houghton, Lucy Jane  4 Aug 1960Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I262
20 Jay, Robert (Bob) Ervin BEng  30 Jul 2011Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I44440
21 Lawrence, Hardee Stuart  May 1984Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I9512
22 Lively, Robert Enos C.  27 Nov 1954Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I19909
23 Macneil, Frank Byron  14 Oct 1959Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I66309
24 McCabe, Brenton Lyle  5 Apr 1923Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I117106
25 McClare, Bernice  1880Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I158688
26 McConnell, Martha Ann  19 May 1920Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I47989
27 McDonald, Edward Joseph  15 Jan 1955Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I124923
28 McQuinn, Margaret  9 Nov 1901Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I15326
29 McWhister, Hannah  18 Nov 1939Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I141920
30 Miner, Verna Blanche  16 Dec 2016Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I93624
31 Mosher, Florence M.  25 Apr 1923Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I58011
32 Nelson, Charles B.  8 Jul 1928Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I79785
33 Parker, Aggie Augustus  5 Oct 1949Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I107657
34 Paul, Pearl E.  20 Dec 2010Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I161971
35 Porter, Eldred Cohoon  19 Apr 1939Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I167838
36 Pritchard, Arthur Phillip  20 Jun 2017Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I165911
37 Rockwell, Harry Wentworth  May 1984Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I109459
38 Savoy, Cory  1969Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I7064
39 Shields, Samuel Adrian  Dec 1969Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I38761
40 Skinner, Isabella Irene  1 Dec 1951Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I38332
41 Smith, Martha  13 Oct 1854Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I70599
42 Stanfield, Charles Edward  Jun 1992Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I110970
43 Thompson, Dorothy Gross  Jan 1984Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I38760
44 Tingley, Arthur Joseph  3 Jan 1954Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I133719
45 Walker, Ruby  16 Feb 2015Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I62672
46 Wellwood, Agnes Jane  3 Jan 1930Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I16141


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Beals, Hannah  Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I58013
2 Blanchard, Edward Sherburne  25 Apr 1946Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I142339
3 Chipman, Curtis Holmes D.C.L. (Hon)  Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I51946
4 Chipman, Curtiss Lowell  11 Jul 1953Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I65352
5 Daniels, Jeremiah A.  23 Feb 1925Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I55490
6 Emmerson, Ethel Marcella  Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I124542
7 Emmerson, Frederick  8 May 1955Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I124538
8 Emmerson, Sara Gertrude  Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I124543
9 Fitzmaurice, Charles Thomas  26 Aug 1949Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I58010
10 Fitzmaurice, James A.  10 Feb 1921Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I58012
11 Lively, Robert Enos C.  29 Nov 1954Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I19909
12 McCabe, Brenton Lyle  7 Apr 1923Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I117106
13 McCabe, Mary Agnes  10 May 1942Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I19910
14 Mosher, Florence M.  27 Apr 1923Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I58011
15 Tapley, Margaret Hunter  Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. I65344


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Aker / Mitchell  30 Aug 1913Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. F46305
2 Barrett / Nixon  7 Aug 1923Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. F21710
3 Barrett / Thompson  30 Jan 1926Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. F21716
4 Brimicombe / Stevens  16 Aug 1937Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. F51291
5 Brown / Purdy  16 May 1929Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. F36631
6 Carroll / Eisnor  30 Nov 1865Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. F1480
7 Chipman / Davison  9 Jun 1852Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. F7094
8 Daniels / Beals  4 Mar 1874Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. F11984
9 Davis / Dauphinee  23 May 1928Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. F61532
10 Ellis / Shaffelburg  2 Jan 1873Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. F63324
11 Ettinger / Meagher  25 Jul 1941Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. F19313
12 Harrington / Hill  25 Oct 1876Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. F8700
13 Harvie / Smith  6 Oct 1868Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. F34494
14 Holland / Miller  17 Dec 1879Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. F46379
15 Melvin / Archibald  13 Oct 1880Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. F51986
16 Scott / Cahill  10 Sep 1874Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. F67891
17 Scott / Hamilton  7 Jan 1879Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. F46756
18 Wallace / Bond  7 Jul 1875Bedford, Halifax Co., N.S. F20522

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