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151 "for many years Postmaster at Wolfville" (Eaton, 791).

1871 Census, NS, Kings, Wolfville 2 d2, Family 1
Rand George 42 M
Rand Annie Jane 36 M
Rand William G. 13
Rand Frederic S. 5
Rand Aubrey V. 3
Rounsefell Alfred 30

1881 Census, Wolfville, Kings, N.S., District Number: 17, Sub District: H, Division: 1, Page Number: 20, House Number: 142347, Family Number: 93, Digital Folder Number: 4463006, Image Number: 00439, Film Number: 1375809, Library and Archives Canada Film Number: C-13173
       Household      Gender      Age
        George V Rand       M       52y (born in NS, married, druggist, English origin, Bap)
     Annie Rand       F       46y (all born in NS)
     William Rand       M       23y
     Frederic Rand       M       16y
     Aubrey Rand       M       13y
     Florence Seab...       F       13y
     Lucy Williams       F       40y
     Ernest Williams       M       8y

1901 Census, District: NS KINGS (#36), Subdistrict: Wolfville (Town/Ville) A(1) Page 12
31               122       Rand George V       M               Head       M       Feb 21       1829       72
32               122       Bishop Annie W       F               House Keeper       W       Nov 9       1864       36
33               122       Bishop Muriel       F               H K Daughter       S       Nov 6       1892       8

Willowbank Cemetery, Wolfville
George V. Rand, 1829-1908; Annie J., 1834-1881; Frederick, 1865-1889; William, 1858-1895; Aubrey, 1867-1933, wife, Mary L., 1870-1956; Marjorie, 1897-1901. 
Rand, George Valentine (I54731)
152 "for many years the minister of the Presbyterian Church in Windsor".  "Timlin Family by Percy Blanchard", courtesy of Ian Campbell, email 21 Dec 2017. Murdoch, Rev. John L. (I180031)
153 "formerly of Aylesford, N.S." (Genejane's Roadmap to Colchester Families) Dempsey or Duprey, Nancy (I63418)
154 "fought under General Wolfe at the taking of Quebec in 1759" (Chute, 102).

Birth and Death: (accessed 24 Feb 2016) 
Wright, Joseph (I50738)
155 "Founder of the brick industry in the Maritimes now operated uner the name of L. E. Shaw Ltd." (Duncanson, Falmouth, 393)

1871 Census, NS, Hants, Falmouth m, Dwelling 151, Family 165

1881 Census, Lower Horton, Kings, N.S., District Number: 17, Sub District: I, Division: 2, Page Number: 26, House Number: 142839, Family Number: 121, Digital Folder Number: 4463006, Image Number: 00497, Film Number: 1375809, Library and Archives Canada Film Number: C-13173
        Household       Gender       Age       Birthplace
     Robert Shaw       M       40y       Nova Scotia (married, farmer, English origin, Bapt.)
     Mary Shaw       F       37y       Nova Scotia
     Irene Shaw       M       19y       Nova Scotia
     Alfred Shaw       F       17y       Nova Scotia
     Madge Shaw       F       14y       Nova Scotia
     Grace Shaw       F       12y       Nova Scotia
     Annie Shaw       F       10y       Nova Scotia
     Ninie Shqw       F       7y       Nova Scotia
     Eliza Shaw       F       5y       Nova Scotia
     Load Shaw       M       3y       Nova Scotia

1901 Census, District: NS KINGS (#36), Subdistrict: Avonport A Page 5
17               37       Shaw Robert       M               Head       M       Aug 9       1840       60
18               37       Shaw Mary E       F               Wife       M       Feb 3       1843       57
19               37       Shaw Nina(?)V       F               Daughter       S       Jul 12       1874       26
20               37       Shaw Loid E       M               Son       S       Oct 21       1878       22
21               37       Shaw Harry L       M               Son       S       Nov 23       1883       17

Census 1911 / Nova Scotia / Kings / 21 Horton poll district / page 3
11               22       Shaw Robert               M       Head       M       Aug       1840       70
12               22       Shaw Mary               F       Wife       M       Feb       1843       88
13               22       Walsh Frank               M       Servant       S       Dec       1887       23 
Shaw, Robert (I56981)
156 "Francis Grant Parker was born at Walton, Hants County, Nova Scotia, August 15th, 1830. In early life he was engaged in business in Chicago, and afterwards in New York. In 1864 he began business in Halifax, Nova Scotia, as a wholesale dealer in flour, tea and salt. Later he engaged in the milling of flour, in partnership with his brother-in-law, John Grant. He was active in promoting the manufacturing interests of Halifax, and was a public-spirited citizen. He was President of the Nova Scotia Cotton Mills Company, and of the Starr Manufacturing Company, whose business consists in the making of the Starr " Acme " patent skate, and in all kinds of iron and steel manufacture, including the construction of bridges. He was also a Director of the People's Bank of Halifax, a chartered bank of Canada. He was actively engaged in politics, and was the first President of the "Morning Herald " Printing and Publishing Company, which, in his time, conducted the chief Nova Scotia newspaper in the interests of the Conservative party.
About 1895 Mr. Parker retired from business, having become a prey to inflammatory rheumatism, which confined him much of the time to his home." (McNeill, 24 and 25) 
Parker, Francis Grant (I76547)
157 "Frederick H. Parker (born in 1825, died December 3rd, 1858), like his brothers James and John, went to sea from his boyhood, and became a captain in his father's service. His voyages took him chiefly to the Indian and China seas and the Mediterranean, in the barque " Walton." He too, lost his life in following his profession. He was never married. His body was interred at Cardiff, Wales." (McNeill, 24) Parker, Frederick H. (I76565)
158 "from Durham, N.H." (Chute, 31) Woodman, Robert (I35387)
159 "from Halifax" (Calnek, 524).

Annapolis County Probate Acts Books, Volume 3
4124. Estate Folio W22 (1802): LA for the estate of John WRIGHT of Granville, yeoman, granted 1 Feb 1802 to Silvia WRIGHT. A John H. WRIGHT co-signed Administrator's Bond. In 1808 children were listed as: Elizabeth CHUTE the wife of James CHUTE, John Harris WRIGHT, James Stanley WRIGHT, George, Sarah WRIGHT, Ann WRIGHT, Sophia WRIGHT and Harriet WRIGHT. Estate Folio W?? (1812): Division of Real Estate Warrant for the estate of John WRIGHT late of the Township of Granville, yeoman. Wife: Julia? Eight Children: Elizabeth wife of James CHUTE, John Harris the eldest son, James, George, Sarah, Ann, Sophia and Harriet. (microfilmed between Estate Folio S14 (1799) and Estate Folio S15 (1799). 
Wright, John (I46754)
160 "from Massachusetts and Scotland" (Chute, ccviii) Brown, Andrew (I35602)
161 "from Roscommon, Ireland". (Newport, Duncanson, 269) Cunningham, Richard (I81778)
162 "Gordon was the son of unwed parents Elizabeth Marsh and Robertson Thompson. He was raised by his aunt and uncle Samuel & Jane (Marsh) McLellan and took their surname as his own. He and his wife had a family of six children. One daughter died young and a son drowned in 1920." (

Courtesy of Gerry Mattinson, email 30 Apr 2016.
1900 - Eureka, Humboldt Co., Calif.
  Gordan Mc Lellan (39) b Nov 1861 om Canada Eng
  Laura Mc Lellan (33) b Apr 1867 in Canada Eng
  Dexter Mc Lellan (9) b Jan 1891 in California
  Lizzie Mc Lellan (8) b Dec 1892 in California
  Altheare Mc Lellan (6) b May 1894 in California
  Gordon Mc Lellan (4) b Jan 1896 in California
  William Mc Lellan (3) b Sep 1897 in California
  Adelle Mc Lellan (2) b Nov 1898 in California

1910 US Census, Eureka Ward 5, Humboldt, California
Household      Role      Gender      Age      Birthplace
Gordon Mclellan      Head      M      46      Canada English (immigrated 1880, parents born in Canada English)
Laura Mclellan      Wife      F      41      Canada English (immigrated 1880, parents born in Canada English)
Dexter Mclellan      Son      M      19      California
Elizabeth Mclellan      Daughter      F      17      California
Althere Mclellan      Daughter      F      16      California
Gordon Mclellan      Son      M      14      California
Willie Mclellan      Son      M      12      California
Etta Mclellan      Daughter      F      10      California
"United States Census, 1910," index and images, ( : accessed 12 January 2015), Gordon Mclellan, Eureka Ward 5, Humboldt, California, United States; citing enumeration district (ED) 11, sheet 23A, family 492, NARA microfilm publication T624, National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, D.C.; FHL microfilm 1,374,090.

1920 US Census, Eureka, Humboldt, California
Own or Rent: Own
Household      Role      Gender      Age      Birthplace
Gordon Mc Lellan      Head      M      55      Canada (parents born in Canada)
Laura Mc Lellan      Wife      F      52      Canada (parents born in Canada)
William Mc Lellan      Son      M      22      California
Elizabeth M Mc Lellan      Mother      F      82      Canada (parents born in Canada)
Robert A Millen      Lodger      M      38      Canada
"United States Census, 1920," index and images, ( : accessed 12 January 2015), Gordon Mc Lellan, Eureka, Humboldt, California, United States; citing sheet 4B, family 96, NARA microfilm publication T625, National Archives and Records Administration, Washington D.C.; FHL microfilm 1,820,098.

1930 US Census, Eureka, Humboldt, California
Household      Role      Gender      Age      Birthplace
Gordon Mclellan      Head      M      66      Canada (immigrated 1883, parents born in Canada)
Laura B Mclellan      Wife      F      62      Canada (immigrated 1875, parents born in Canada)
Milton Mclellan      Grandson      M      16      California (parents born in CA)
James Shalleta      Lodger      M      31      California
Erol Gow      Lodger      M      29      California
Ray Lyons      Lodger      M      23      California
Ray Niskey      Lodger      M      26      Michigan
John M Olayos      Lodger      M      23      New Jersey
"United States Census, 1930," index and images, ( : accessed 12 January 2015), Gordon Mclellan, Eureka, Humboldt, California, United States; citing enumeration district (ED) 0020, sheet 1A, family 6, line 18, NARA microfilm publication T626, (Washington D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, 2002), roll 120; FHL microfilm 2,339,855.

1940 US Census, Ward 5, Eureka, Eureka Judicial Township, Humboldt, California
Last Place of Residence: Same House
Household      Role      Gender      Age      Birthplace
Gordon Mclellan      Head      M      76      Canada
Laura B Mclellan      Wife      F      72      Canada
"United States Census, 1940," index and images, ( : accessed 12 January 2015), Gordon Mclellan, Ward 5, Eureka, Eureka Judicial Township, Humboldt, California, United States; citing enumeration district (ED) 12-15, sheet 1A, family 2, NARA digital publication T627 (Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, 2012), roll 207. 
McLellan, Gordon A. (I91198)
163 "Govenor of Conn. from 1698 until 1707". (Eaton, Kings, 680) Winthrop, Gov. Fitz John (I63952)
164 "grad. 1929 as a Medical Doctor; she interned at Women's College Hosp., Toronto and went to India in 1934 as a medical missionary at Banswara, Neemuch, Ratlam (Madya Pradesh)." (Rawdon/Douglas, 577) Whittier, Dr. Marie Jean M.D. (I158978)
165 "graduated at Acadia College, Wolfville; a lawyer; residence, Winnipeg." (Whitman, 672)

Whitman Cemetery, New Albany
20 Whitman Danial S. May 5, 1858 - Jul 18, 1888 
Whitman, Daniel Spurgeon (I53894)
166 "graduated at Oxford University, England; was for some years a successful teacher at Worcester, Mass.; was compelled to give up teaching on account of his health; spent a few years in literary work in New York and Boston; at present, in business with his brothers at 41 Leonard st., N. Y. City; residence: Staten Island." (Whitman, 728)

1900 US Census, Woodbury Township, Orange, NY, Enumeration District: 0057, Page: 8, Sheet Letter: A, Family Number: 156, Reference Number: 13, Film Number: 1241142, Image Number: 00273
       Household      Gender      Age
        James S Whitman       M (born Dec 1854 in Nova Scotia Eng as were his parents, immigrated in 1865)
Spouse       Sara S Whitman       F (born Sep 1861 in MA, father born in CT, mother born in RI, mother of 1 child - living)
Child       Marian Whitman       F (born Jul 1890 in NY)
     Maria Ollsen       F      
     John Timbrell       M      
     Amy B Timbrell       F      
     Thomas Peters       M      

1920 US Census, New York, NY, Film Number: 1821213, Digital Folder Number: 4313936, Image Number: 00045, Sheet Number: 9
       Household      Gender      Age
        James S Whitman       M       62y (born in Canada, parents born in England)
Spouse       Sally Whitman       F       50y
Child       Marion Whitman       F       27y
     Celia Fennell       F       43y
     Annie Swift       F       28y 
Whitman, James Spurr (I53987)
167 "graduated from Edinburgh Univ in Medicine; served in RAMC in WWI; died young"  (Rawdon/Douglas, 224) Grant, Dr. Gerald Wallace (I76510)
168 "grantee at Falmouth 1761" (Falmouth, Duncanson, 305) Lyon, Henry (I97117)
169 "had worked on the construction of the Clock Tower of Halifax and later became the first "keeper of the clock" ( Dechman, James Sr. (I89655)
170 "Hammonds Plains: The First 100 Years" by Dorothy Bezanson Evans/
..."By the late 1850's, however, a terrible epidemic of diptheria spread through the province. Newspaper accounts of the deaths, sometimes attributed to ulcerated sore throat, sometimes putrid sore throat, sometimes diptheria, are so heartrending that one wonders why the little  province was not washed into the sea on mothers' tears."

and then further on it goes on to say:

"The Reverand Silas Vidito had been the Baptist minister resident at Hammonds Plains during the early 1850's. As there is no record of a parsonage at that time and as it was the custom for the ministers to stay at different houses in turn, one may suppose that this is what he did. It
> was his last pastorate, for when he left he was too ill to continue preaching. He died in April 1854 of consumption(tuberculosis). It was reported of him that his strength lay not so much in preaching as in his pastoral care, in praying with individuals and bringing their souls to Christ. Did he , in doing so, bring their bodies to death? About five years after he left the village the deaths began, and the disease did not burn itself out as the diptheria had done, but went on for twenty years. The headstones in the cemeteries, the Religious publications, the Halifax newspapers, the Sackville Parish Records, all tell the sad story."

Community Centre Cemetery, Nictaux
522A Eleanor E. wife of the late Rev. Silas H. Vidito d mar 12, 1887 aged 69
523A Starratt A. son fo the late Silas H. and Elizabeth E. Vidito d June 21, 1861 aged 26
524A Rev Silas Vidito d Apr 2, 1854 aged 43 yrs 
Vidito, Rev. Silas H. (I46652)
171 "Hannah died early." (McNeill, 39) Parker, Hannah (I76586)
172 "has 7 ch. : res. Franklin, Cornwallis" (Newcomb, 109) Beckwith, James Edward (I77470)
173 "Having emigrated to Long Island, New York, he removed to Nova Scotia with the Loyalists, and settled near Digby." (Calnek, 292) Ray, Robert (I158056)
174 "he accompanied his parents to South Carolina in 1772 and served in the Ninety-Six Militia of South Carolina; he joined the British during the Revolution and was later commissioned Lieutentant 7 May 1782 by Col. N. Balfour; he was with the group of South Carolina refugees evacuated from Charleston, SC to Halifax, NS and was one of the original granteees in the Crown grant of Rawdon Township in 1784 when he received 250 acres on the Halifax-Hants Boundary; he sold his grant lands in 1804 and moved to Newport Landing (Avondale, NS)". (Rawdon Douglas, 111) Brison, John (I6986)
175 "he articled in law office of W. H.A. Blanchard at Windsor, NS; he was a scientist and inventor and Secretary to the inventor Alexander Graham Bell; McCurdy's inventions resulted in the Kodak developing machine." (Rawdon/Douglas, Duncanson, 478)

Dictionary of Canadian Biography (accessed 29 Jul 2014)
MCCURDY, ARTHUR WILLIAMS, businessman, editor, private secretary, photographer, inventor, and astronomer; b. 13 April 1856 in Truro, N.S., seventh child of David McCurdy and Mary Archibald; m. first 20 Sept. 1881 Lucy O'Brien in Windsor, N.S., and they had three sons and a daughter; m. secondly 2 Oct. 1902 Hattie Maria Mace in Montreal, and they had two daughters and a son; d. 1923 in Washington, D.C.

Arthur McCurdy was born to a prominent Nova Scotian family that traced its lineage back to a son of Daniel McCurdy of Ballykelly (Northern Ireland). This son (Arthur's great-grandfather), Alexander "the Pioneer," immigrated to Windsor, N.S., in 1765 after his marriage to Jennet Guthrie; they subsequently lived in Londonderry before acquiring a farm in Onslow. McCurdy's Presbyterian roots originate with this Alexander, a church elder for 20 years. His paternal grandfather, James, married into the Archibald family of Truro, as did his father.

McCurdy was nine when his father sold the Onslow farm and moved to Baddeck to take over the store established by his son-in-law Angus Tupper, who had died. After finishing public school, Arthur attended the collegiate institute in Whitby, Ont. He was articled as a law clerk for four years in a relative's firm, W. H. and A. Blanchard in Windsor, but he did not take the bar examinations. Instead, he returned to Baddeck to join the family enterprise, D. McCurdy and Son, from which his father's attention was diverted in 1873 by his election to the provincial legislature. A year after his marriage in 1881, Arthur acquired his father's share and, with his brother William Fraser, expanded the business by building a new wharf, opening a meat-curing operation, and starting the Island Reporter, which Arthur edited.

A life-changing event occurred when he met the inventor of the telephone during the visit of Alexander Graham Bell and his wife, Mabel Gardiner Hubbard, to Baddeck in the late summer of 1885. The McCurdys were early users of Bell's device: William had bought sets to link the store with his home and his father's. Family lore has it that Arthur was having difficulty with the store phone one day when a stranger walked over and repaired it. "How did you know how to fix that?" asked McCurdy. "My name is Alexander Graham Bell," replied the visitor. Bell was so taken by Baddeck that, on his return to his home in Washington, he wrote to Mrs Kate M. Dunlop of the Telegraph House hotel, where he had stayed, to say that he and his wife wished to return the next year and acquire a cottage. She recommended Arthur as an agent; the Bells' first purchase was a farm home on Crescent Grove, next door to his parents. Bell and McCurdy became fast friends \endash  they played chess and each had ceaseless curiosity and a love of invention.

At the same time, McCurdy's family was growing. His third child, John Alexander Douglas*, was born in 1886. But Cape Breton was entering a period of economic decline, which precipitated the failure of the McCurdy business in 1887. Fortunately, Arthur was offered employment by Bell as his private secretary, and for the next 15 years he would divide his time between Baddeck and Washington. Both Bell and Mabel developed a special bond with the young man. Enthusiastic and driven by a boundless energy, McCurdy cut a striking figure \endash  he was tall and had a prominent moustache and Vandyke beard. An inveterate outdoorsman, he led the Bells on camping trips and taught them how to use snowshoes and shoot. On one visit to a Micmac (Mi'kmaw) village, he photographed them next to two tepees, adjacent to newly constructed telephone poles. Daisy Bell later recalled that he gave her parents "a kind of young friendship that they never had with anyone else. . . . they did things with him that they could never have done without him."

They soon outgrew their first residence. Bell had fallen in love with Red Head peninsula, on Baddeck Bay, and he tasked McCurdy to acquire the property and 50 adjacent acres. Together they designed The Lodge, the Bells' rustic home on the point. The association deepened following the death of Lucy McCurdy on 25 March 1888, a week after the birth of another son. Although their children were brought up by Arthur's sister Georgina, they became part of the Bells' extended family. The McCurdys could also claim a relationship through Mabel's mother, Gertrude Mercer McCurdy.

Bell broadened Arthur's duties in 1889 when he reopened his Washington-based laboratory with McCurdy as one of two assistants. In addition to working on experiments, he took daily dictation of Bell's thoughts in "Lab Notes" and "Home Notes," designated by where each book was kept. "You are my private secretary and Alter Ego to the world," Bell told him in a letter in December 1896. The same exchange revealed that Bell's office habits could be a source of irritation. "Our work," he wrote, "is actually in a chaotic condition. . . . This is entirely my own fault, and I sympathize with you in having to work with such an unsystematic man as myself." McCurdy responded on 28 January with some strong suggestions to Bell to rectify this disarray: "1. You [must] come to the office in some sort of season, and not put off office work until three or four o'clock and in the afternoon. 2. Don't take letters away from the files of the office and expect me to find them when wanted. 3. Don't take unanswered letters away, and expect me to answer them." Along with his administrative duties, McCurdy was the first employee to record visually the inventor's experiments and activities. Like Bell, he embraced the art and science of photography. He took one of the most famous images of Alexander and Mabel, holding hands during a visit in 1898 to Sable Island, N.S.

In 1899 McCurdy's love of photography led to the development of one of his own successful inventions. His small portable tank for developing film in daytime, dubbed the Ebedec (the Indian name for Baddeck), has been used by generations of photographers. With financial assistance from Bell, he spent three years commercializing it. After obtaining a United States patent in 1902, he sold the rights to Eastman Kodak. The first model, which he presented to Mabel, is now in the Bell Museum at Baddeck. He left Bell's employ in 1902 to pursue invention full-time, including a method of printing statistical maps using interchangeable "map type." Some months later he married Hattie Mace of Sydenham, Ont., a niece of Bell's stepmother, and they moved to Toronto, where their first child was born in 1903. That same year he was awarded the John Scott premium and medal of the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia for his success in invention. A second child was born in 1905 in Baddeck, where, in the summer of 1906, McCurdy's son Douglas, an engineering student at the University of Toronto, began helping Bell design and fly heavier-than-air craft. The Bells adored Douglas and had tried to adopt him after his mother's death.

By then, McCurdy had moved his family to British Columbia and set up a laboratory at his country home outside Victoria. He continued to photograph and was active in community affairs; named the first president of the local Canadian Club in 1907, he also pursued his keen interest in nature. For instance, he wrote about Victoria's climate for the National Geographic Magazine (Washington) in 1907. As president of the Natural History Society of British Columbia, he promoted the establishment of a federal observatory and seismological and meteorological research station, built on Gonzales Hill north of the city in 1913 and headed by Francis Napier Denison*. On 6 March 1914 he chaired a meeting and lecture by federal astronomer John Stanley Plaskett*, at which time the Victoria centre of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada was organized with Denison as president and McCurdy as vice-president. Through his connection to Denison, he lobbied Ottawa to construct a major astronomical facility on Vancouver Island [see William Frederick King*]. Begun on Little Saanich Mountain near Victoria in mid 1915 and opened two years later under Plaskett's direction, the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory was to house a 72-inch reflecting telescope; installed by May 1918, it was, for a few months, the largest in the world until superseded by the 100-inch instrument at Mount Wilson, Calif.

In 1916 McCurdy had run for a seat in British Columbia's legislature as the Liberal candidate in the riding of Esquimalt. Although he was declared elected on 21 November by a two-vote margin over Conservative candidate Robert Henry Pooley, he resigned over alleged irregularities in taking the soldiers' vote. Pooley emerged from a recount with a two-vote victory.

McCurdy died at his Washington home of heart failure in 1923. "He interested himself in the things of life which count," stated one obituary, and had a "life well spent."

Lawrence Surtees

Correspondence between Arthur Williams McCurdy and Alexander Graham Bell is found in the A. G. Bell family papers (0330M) at the Library of Congress, Manuscript Div., in Washington. The finding aid to this enormous collection, as well as much of Bell's correspondence, including that with McCurdy between 1889 and 1903, is available on the internet. Many of the photographs taken by McCurdy for Bell are housed in the G. H. Grosvenor coll. in the Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Div. The Bell Museum at the Alexander Graham Bell National Hist. Site of Canada in Baddeck, N.S., has the journals known as "Home Notes," vols.1\endash 135, and "Lab Notes," vols.1\endash 75. McCurdy is the author of "Factors which modify the climate of Victoria," National Geographic Magazine (Washington), 18 (1907): 345\endash 48. The year of his death is based on a clipping of an otherwise undated obituary from the Daily Colonist (Victoria), 1923.

BCM-G, RBMB, St George's Anglican Church (Montreal), 2 Oct. 1902. R. P. Broughton, Looking up: a history of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (Toronto, 1994). R. V. Bruce, Bell: Alexander Graham Bell and the conquest of solitude (Boston, 1973). Genealogical record & biographical sketches of the McCurdys of Nova Scotia, comp. H. P. Blanchard (London, 1930). E. S. Grosvenor and Morgan Wesson, Alexander Graham Bell: the life and times of the man who invented the telephone (New York, 1997). Dorothy Harley Eber, Genius at work: images of Alexander Graham Bell (New York, 1982). J. H. Parkin, Bell and Baldwin: their development of aerodromes and hydrodromes at Baddeck, Nova Scotia (Toronto, 1964). A. D. Watson, "Astronomy in Canada," Royal Astronomical Soc. of Canada, Journal (Toronto), 11 (1917): [47]\endash 78. 
McCurdy, Arthur Williams (I81011)
176 "He died a few years after their marriage [1788]." (Slocomb, 509) Outhit, Thomas (I53926)
177 "he first Municipal Clerk for the Municipality of West Hants (1880-1883); he was succeeded by his son James." (Rawdon/Douglas, Duncanson, 478) O'Brien, William (I81005)
178 "He followed the sea from early life, and while commanding one of his father's ships upon a voyage to the East, perished with the ship, which was never heard of after setting sail. He was never married." (McNeill, 17) Parker, James Walton (I76478)
179 "He inherited the original Richard Fenton homestead under his father's will." (Rawdon/Douglas, 187)

1871 Census, NS, Hants, Rawdon North (h), Dwelling 120, Family 130

1881 Census, North, Rawdon, Hants, N.S., District 18 P, p. 27, Household 106
James FENTON  Male         English         53         Nova Scotia         Farmer

Not found in 1891 census. 
Fenton, James (I2660)
180 "he owns a hotel in Milton, Queens Co., N.S. (Whitman, 774)

1881 Census, Local District No. 5, Milton and Bristol, Queens, N.S., District 12 E, p. 25, Household 127
Joseph B. FREEMAN         M         Male         English         51         Nova Scotia         Hotel Keeper         Baptist
Mary E. FREEMAN         M         Female         English         45         Nova Scotia         Dress Maker         Baptist
Arthur S. FREEMAN                Male         English         22         Nova Scotia         Carriage Maker         Baptist
Emily K. FREEMAN                  Female         English         20         Nova Scotia                  Baptist
Harrold S. FREEMAN                  Male         English         18         Nova Scotia         Hotel Keeper         Baptist
Edward H. FREEMAN                  Male         English         16         Nova Scotia         Clerk         Baptist
Karlton FREEMAN1                  Male         English         14         Nova Scotia         Clerk         Baptist
Albert K. FREEMAN2                  Male         English         12         Nova Scotia                  Baptist
Ernest M. FREEMAN3                  Male         English         10         Nova Scotia                  Baptist
Margart M. FREEMAN                  Female         English         6         Nova Scotia                  Baptist
Annie L. FREEMAN                  Female         English         3         Nova Scotia                  Baptist
Rupert FREEMAN                  Male         English         39         Nova Scotia         Lumberman         Baptist
Notes: 1 to 3 In School

Community Cemetery, Milton
Joseph B. Freeman d. 12 Nov 1888 aged 59 yrs; Eliza (wife) 1836 - 1934; Emily K. (dau) 1861 - 1951 
Freeman, Joseph Bent (I53253)
181 "He received his medical degree at Harvard, the late Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes being one of his professors." (Chipman, 252)

1881 Census, Lower Horton, Kings, N.S., District 17 I 2, p. 2, Household 11
Henry CHIPMAN         W         Male         English         36         Nova Scotia         Physician & Surgeon         C. Methodist
Robert S CHIPMAN         S         Male         English         6         Nova Scotia                  C. Methodist
Laura A CHIPMAN                  Female         English         <1 Born: Feb; 1/12         Nova Scotia                  C. Methodist
Matilda SIMSON                  Female         Scottish         25         Nova Scotia                  C. Methodist

1901 Census, District: NS KINGS (#36), Subdistrict: Avonport A Page 11
55  102   Chipman Heury             M   Head           M   Nov 25   1844   56
6    102   Chipman Margret R       F   Wife            M   Nov 14   1850   50
7    102   Chipman George G R   M   Son             S   Aug 15    1886   14
8    102   Chipman Reginald         M   Son             S   Apr 23     1888   12
9    102   Simson Matilda              F   Domestic    S    May 1     1850   50

Census, 1911 / Nova Scotia / Kings / 21 Horton poll district / page 9 and 10
48   97   Chipman W. Henry   M   Head                   M   Nov   1844   66
49   97   Chipman Margaret    F   Wife                     M   Oct    1860   50
50   97   Chipman George      M   Son                      S   Aug    1886   24
1     97   Simson Matilda         F    House Keeper    S   Jan     1851   60

Lower Horton Cemetery
Henry Chipman, 25 Nov 1844-19 Jan 1919, his wife, Margaret R., 6 Oct 1850-9 Jan 1931. 
Chipman, Dr. Henry M.D. (I41587)
182 "he remained in South Carolina when the family settled in Nova Scotia after the Revolutionary War." (Rawdon/Douglas, 586) Withrow, James (I63425)
183 "he returned to Fall River, Mass." (Newport, Duncanson, 106) Borden, Samuel (I83371)
184 "He was at Newport in 1790 and at Kempt in 1817; Mary inherited from her father 125 acres in Newport Township." (Newport, Duncanson, 438) Armstrong, John (I88470)
185 "He was at one time superintendent of Navy Hospital grounds at Chelsea; he left his family some seven years since and has not returned." (Whitman, 786)

Not found in 1880 US census. 
Keyes, Sumner Wright (I53527)
186 "He was long a prominent man in the county." (History of King's County, Eaton, 792) Rand, Jonathan (I103000)
187 "he was one of three brothers who received a loyalist grant at Lower Rawdon on 3 Aug. 1784 in what became "Meektown"; the Meeks were natives of Ireland and had lived at Dist. 96 "South Carolina prior to the Amer. Revolution; they joined the 84th Highland Regt. and came to Nova Scotia at the conclusion of hostilities." (Newport, 342) Meek, Samuel (I77409)
188 "he was President of ARCHIBALD & CO., a large shipping business started by his older brother Samuel. Thomas was a member of the Legislative Council of Nova Scotia and later was appointed a member of the Senate of Canada" ( Archibald, Hon. Thomas Dickson (I91079)
189 "He went overseas in Dec. 1939 with the West Nova Scotia Regiment. In Sept., 1940 he was transferred to the Medical Corps, going to Italy with the Field Ambulance of the 1st Canadian Division. He was in the invasion of Sicily and Italy and took in what he termed the Ortona Show, which, near as we could gather resulted in heavy casualties, making a busy time for the ambulance corps.
In March, 1944, he was transferred to one of the largest Canadian hospitals in Italy as Quarter Master. During his stay in Italy he met up with several lads from here...
Major Elliott left Italy on Feb. 27th and landed in Middleton Friday, March 23rd, with brief stays enroute in New York, Montreal, and Halifax. There were no undue delays, everything being done to make the trip speedy and comfortable.
Home for thirty days - a great change and a most welcome one, exclaimed Roy. After the thirty days he doesn't know what's next." (The Outlook, Middleton, Thursday, March 29, 1945).
(Note: Uncle Roy did not return to Europe. He also did not use the Major designation since he felt that he left Europe as a Captain and should stay at that rank.)

The Halifax Herald Limited, Monday, 22 July 2002 -
ELLIOTT, Roy Chipman - 92, Middleton, died July 21, 2002, in Soldiers Memorial Hospital, Middleton. Born in Middleton, he was a son of the late Frank R. and Ella (Chipman) Elliott. He attended school in Middleton and Mount Allison University. He was a commercial traveler from 1934-1939. He was a veteran of the Second World War and joined the army in 1939 and spent three and one half years in England and one and a half years in Italy, obtaining the rank of Major. From 1946 to 1952 he travelled the Maritimes selling heavy equipment and fire engines. From 1952 to 1968 he owned and operated Elliott's Grocery and Meat store in Middleton. He was very active in community affairs and served six years on Middleton Town council, two as deputy mayor, past president and life member of Middleton Branch 1, Royal Canadian Legion, past president of Middleton Board of Trade, Middleton Rotary Club and Middleton Curling Club. He was a member of Soldiers Memorial Hospital Board and on the planning committee for a new hospital built in 1961.He was associated with Investors Syndicate as a financial planner from 1966 to 1991. He is survived by his wife, the former June Neily; stepdaughter, Gail (Ron) Heaver, Vancouver, B. C.; sister, Anna (Maurice) Hennigar, Halifax; seven step-grandchildren; niece and nephews, Jane (Gary) Landry, Yarmouth; Tona (Gerry) Amiro, Dartmouth; Frank (Janet) Hennigar, Ellershouse; Harcus (Susan) Hennigar, Pickering, Ont. He was predeceased by his first wife, the former Dora McLeod; stepson, David Neily; a brother (should be sister) in infancy. Visiting will be 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. Tuesday in Warren T. Roop Funeral Home, Middleton. Funeral will be Wednesday 2 p.m. in St. John's United Church, Middleton, Rev. Ewen Moase and Archdeacon Eric MacDonald officiating. Burial in Pine Grove Cemetery, Middleton. Donations may be made to St. John's United Church, The MacDonald Museum or a charity of your choice.

Officer in the No.4 Canadian Field Ambulance Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps. Active Militia of Canada courses held in 1933 - he first qualified in signals, then in infantry and was a second-lieutenant.  The other certificate of service is from the Canadian Army.  Uncle Roy enlisted on Sept. 13th, 1939 and "was stuck off the strength on" July 10th, 1945.  He was a Captain by then.

From the 1931 Mount A Yearbook: "Roy received all his education from Middleton, N.S. previous to coming to Mount Allison.  During his first year he boarded at the Wood House.  Was Treasurer of Engineering Society and in Junior year became its Vice-President.  Served on Student Council,  Manager of Track team in Junior year.  Engineer hockey player and one of the star performers when playing against the Co-eds. 'Half-ton' will obtain his Engineering Certificate this year and plans to finish at N.S. Tech. 'Let's eat.'"

The Register, Berwick
Elliott, F. R., born to at Middleton, 7 Mar 1910, a son. [17 Mar 1910].

War Service Record: He took 3 years of Engineering at Mount A and then could not continue because 'he had to support his mother'. His jobs prior to 1939 were 1933-1934 Insurance salesman with Great West Life, 1934-1937 Saleman with Wilsil (?) Ltd (Packers) Montreal, and 1938-1939 Salesman for Morse's Tea. For the 6 weeks prior to enlisting, he was an Inspector of the Gasoline Act with the N.S. Board of Public Utilities. 
Elliott, Roy Chipman (I40057)
190 "He [James] and his brother William were part of Captain John Thomspon's South Hampshire Volunteers in a relief expedition to Louisburg. He also fought in Wolfe's army at the battle of Quebec in 1759." (McNutt, 3) McNutt, James (I1222)
191 "her grandfather Donald MacKenzie was one of the Scottish passengers who arrived in Pictou, NS aboard the ship Hector in 1773..." (Rawdon/Douglas, Duncanson, 512-513)

1871 Census, NS, Hants 188, Maitland (e1), p. 44 and 45, Dwelling 1576, Family 156
Putnam William  M  34 (born in NS, Presb LP, English origin, master mariner, widowed)
Putnam Margaret  F  6 (born in NS, Presb LP, English origin)
Putnam Caleb  M  4 (born in NS, Presb LP, English origin)
Putnam Janet  F  73 (born in NS, Presb LP, Scotch origin, widowed)
Putnam Phoebe  F  53 (born in NS, U Meth, English origin) 
Mackenzie, Jennie (I91230)
192 "his first wife and children were lost prior to his settlement in Nova Scotia." (Rawdon/Douglas, 99) Unknown (I63422)
193 "In 1776, Donald ROSE and his two sons, James and Angus, left their Scottish home for an adventure across the Atlantic. When they arrived in Nova Scotia, Donald took out a grant of 2000 acres of crown land on the shore of the Shubenacadie River, at a bend in the river flowing toward the Bay of Fundy. This was the beginning of the small community of Urbania where this farm is situated. When Donald's two sons grew up, he divided his land between them. He gave James A. 1000 acres,including the old homestead. In time James married, and he and his wife had a family-the homestead portion of James' 1000 acres has been handed down 5 generations." ( Rose, Donald (I99379)
194 "in 1778, Chaplain of the Loyal American Regiment, commanded by Col. Beverley Robinson. In 1783 he came with his regiment to St. John, N.B., lived at Maugerville and Kingston..." (Calnek, 497: footnote) Beardsley, Rev. John (I173567)
195 "In 1843 removed from Pero, Cornwallis, to Pugwash; returned 1853; res. Pero."  (Genealogical Memoir of the Newcomb Family, p. 395)

1871 Census, NS, Kings 189, Canning f1, p. 49, Dwelling 173, Family 174
Newcomb George  M  62 (born in NS, Baptist, English origin, farmer, married)
Newcomb Elenoir  F  56 (born in NS, Baptist, English origin, married)
Newcomb Pheobe  F  22 (born in NS, Baptist, English origin)
Newcomb Thamma  F  15 (born in NS, Baptist, English origin)

1881 Census, NS, Kings 17, Canning a1, p. 55, Dwelling 231, Family 248
Newcomb George  M  73 (born in NS, Bapt, English origin, farmer, married)
Newcomb Ellinor  F  66 (born in NS, Bapt, French origin, weaver, married)
Newcomb Octavia T.  F  25 (born in NS, Bapt, English origin, school teacher)

Not found in 1891 census. 
Newcomb, George Edward (I37001)
196 "In 1865 they moved to Minnesota and settled in Brown Co., but since 1880 they moved to Mariaville, Rock Co., Neb." (Chute, 64) Armstrong, Charles Ansley (I176071)
197 "In 1893 the British ship 'Sagetta' was under the command of Capt. Herbert; Mrs. Taylor was aboard when the ship was located near the scene of the eruption of Krakatou in Java...Mrs. Taylor was in the city of San Francisco when that city was levelled by the great earthquake..." (Falmouth, Duncanson, 414)

Upper Canard (also listed at Falmouth Centre Cemetery)
#1\\1 continued: Captain Herbert S. Taylor, lost with his ship Brodick Castle 1908, his wife, Alice Harrington, 1859-1947. 
Taylor, Capt. Herbert Silas (I82858)
198 "In 1893 the British ship 'Sagetta' was under the command of Capt. Herbert; Mrs. Taylor was aboard when the ship was located near the scene of the eruption of Krakatou in Java...Mrs. Taylor was in the city of San Francisco when that city was levelled by the great earthquake..." (Falmouth, Duncanson, 414)

Upper Canard (also listed at Falmouth Centre Cemetery)
#1\\1 continued: Captain Herbert S. Taylor, lost with his ship Brodick Castle 1908, his wife, Alice Harrington, 1859-1947. 
Harrington, Amy Alice (I82870)
199 "in the grocery business at 159 Bassett Ave., Lawrence". (Whitman, 672)

1910 US Census, Lawrence Ward 1, Essex, MA, Family Number: 341, Page Number: 16
       Household      Gender      Age
        Byard P Whitman       M       48y (born in Canada as were his parents, immigrated in 1871)
Spouse       Nellie R Whitman       F       49y (born in NH as was her father, mother born in MA)
     Dolly C Glidden       F       87y (mother-in-law, widowed, born in MA as were her parents)

1930 US Census, Lawrence, Essex, MA, Enumeration District Number: 0083, Family Number: 312, Sheet Number and Letter: 16A, Line Number: 24, NARA Publication: T626, roll 897, Film Number: 2340632, Digital Folder Number: 4606994, Image Number: 00570
       Household      Gender      Age
        Byard P Whitman       M       68 (born in Canada as were his parents, immigrated in 1871)
Spouse       Nellie R Whitman       F       69 
Whitman, Byard Payson (I53867)
200 "In the spring of 1837, he sold out his farm to Nathan Tupper, Esq., and moved to the then Upper Canada, called in 1849 Canada West and in 1867 Ontario; and settled in Malahide, six miles.. . of Port Burwell, near Lake Erie, and did well there as a farmer. In the spring of 1841, his eldest son being drowned, leaving no heirs..., he went back to Nova Scotia to get the property, worth about...; but the widow refused to share with him, so he put it into ...and there "lawed" it seven years, returning in the fall of ... with $500.00." (Chute, 57) Chute, Thomas (I88322)

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