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101 "A sketch of the history of the Parish of Woodstock"
1848-1850. Rev. John Bell Worrell, M.A. (Now rector of Oakville and canon of Christ Church Cathedral, Hamilton.)

St. Jude's Cemetery, 258 Lakeshore Road West, Oakville, Ontario
St. Jude's Cemetery was established in 1853 when five acres of land were purchased on the shore of Lake Ontario about one mile west from present-day downtown under the leadership of Reverend Robert Shanklin. A large rectory was built on the lake shore and a cemetery was established on the northern portion of the property. St. Jude's Anglican Church was then located on Colborne Street in the building that would later become the Bank of Montreal. The church was relocated to the corner of Dunn and William Streets in 1883 after Cannon John Bell Worrell got lost in a winter blizzard walking home after a Sunday evening service.

Not found in 1881 census. 
Worrell, Rev. Canon John Bell (I54885)
102 "A skillful navigator. His last trip was on the bark "Tamer E. Marshall", dying at Saigon, India, July 1892, aged about 65." (Chute, 67)

1871 Census, NS, Annapolis 190, Hessian Line J9, p. 25, Dwelling 98, Family 101
Parker James H.  M  40 (born in NS, Advent, English origin, sea captain, married)
Parker Sephrona  F  36 (born in NS, Baptist, English origin, married)
Parker Charles  M  12 (born in NS, Baptist, English origin)
Parker Bernard  M  10 (born in NS, Baptist, English origin)
Parker Mary J.  F  5 (born in NS, Baptist, English origin)
Parker Gertrude  F  2 (born in NS, Baptist, English origin)
Parker Ann  F  16 (born in NS, Baptist, English origin)

1881 Census, Hessian Line, Annapolis, N.S., District Number: 16, Sub District: I, Division: , Page Number: 9, House Number: 138274, Family Number: 38, Digital Folder Number: 4462956, Image Number: 00725, Film Number: 1375808, Library and Archives Canada Film Number: C-13172
        Household       Gender       Age       Birthplace
     James H Parker       M       50y       Nova Scotia (married, ship captain, English origin, 2nd Advent)
     Safronna Parker       F       45y       Nova Scotia
     Charles H Parker       M       22y       Nova Scotia
     Bernard A Parker       M       19y       Nova Scotia
     Mary J Parker       F       15y       Nova Scotia
     Emma G Parker       F       12y       Nova Scotia
     James W Parker       M       8y       Nova Scotia

Mount Hope Cemetery, Bear River
415A Binea Chute 1801 - 1887 died at Ridgetown, Ont. wife Louisa J. 1811 - 1900 Capt. James H. Parker 1832 - 1892 died at Saigon, China wife Sophronia 1835 - 1920 sons: James W. 1874 - 1910 Bernard A. 1883 - 1919 Capt. C.H. Parker 1860 - 1919 d 
Parker, Capt. James Henry (I37833)
103 "A surgeon for the American Navy during the Civil War." (Harvie/Harvey, 204) Harvie, George (I66733)
104 "a traveler and runner for mercantile firms;...was found dead in a hotel in Buffalo, N.Y., Aug. 1, leaving propert worth ten to fiften thousand dollars." (Chute, 133) Chute, Edwin (I175073)
105 "a wealthy citizen of Vancouver, who donated handsome masonic halls to the craft in Vancouver and Annapolis Royal, and his well-known brothers in Annapolis County, are sons of Alexander and Helen Augusta (Berteaux) Harris..." (Calnek, 75)

1891 Census, NS, Annapolis 26, Annapolis Royal a, p. 5, Household 21
Harris George B  M  36  Married (born in NS, parents born in NS, Methodist, 'real estate speculator')
Harris Alice L  F  28  Married  Wife (born in NS, parents born in NS, Methodist)
Harris Stanley A  M  8  Son  (born in NS, parents born in NS, Methodist)
Harris Gordon  M  7  Son  (born in NS, parents born in NS, Methodist)
Harris Ethel  F  5  Daughter  (born in NS, parents born in NS, Methodist)
Newcombe Caroline  F  64  Widowed  Lodger  (born in NS, parents born in NS, Methodist)
Ryan Annie  F  22  Domestic  (born in NS, parents born in NS, Baptist, gen servant)

1891 Census, B.C., New Westminster 2, Vancouver City c, p. 11, Household 39
(one of many staying in a hotel)
Harris George B.  M  38  Married  Lodger (born in N.S. as were his parents, listed as a 'capitalist')

1901 Census, District: BC BURRARD (#1), Subdistrict: Vancouver (City/Cité) D-4 Page 8 and 9
49               77       Harris George B.       M               Head       M       Oct 22       1851       49
50               77       Harris Alice L.       F               Wife       M       Nov 29       1861       39
1               77       Harris Stanley A.       M               Son       S       May 22       1882       18
2               77       Harris Gordon       M               Son       S       Mar 18       1884       17
3               77       Harris Ethel       F               Daughter       S       Jan 6       1886       15
4               77       Harris Marjorie H.       F               Daughter       S       Jul 14       1894       6
5               77       Newcombe Caroline       F        Mother-in-law       W       Mar 8       1825       76

Census 1911 / British Columbia / Vancouver / 4 Vancouver City / page 9
33               42       Harris George B       1184 Georgia       M       Head       W       Oct       1867       59
34               42       Harris Ethel               F       Daughter       S       Jan       1886       25       
35               42       Harris Marjorie               F       Daughter       S       Jul       1894       16
36               42       Newcombe Caroline               F       Mother-in-law       W       Mar       1825       86
37               42       Lowe Selina C               F       Domestic               May       1877       34
George B. Harris
Birth: unknown
Death: Aug. 25, 1936
Burial: Mountain View Cemetery and Crematorium, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Plot: JONES/*/01/015/0007
Alice L. Harris
Birth: unknown
Death: Nov. 11, 1910
Burial: Mountain View Cemetery and Crematorium, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Plot: JONES/*/01/015/0006 
Harris, George Barteaux (I50140)
106 "a writer and poet of much reputation, styled "Acadia's Gentle Bard;" he was a contributor to various papers and periodicals; his only collection of poems was published after his death under the title of "The Harp of Acadia;" (Whitman, 780)
A school teacher according to daughter Mary's marriage registration.

Of John MacPherson, the poet, the late William Marshall has this to say, "He was born at Liverpool in 1817 and died at North Brookfield, Queens County in 1845. Consumption ended his short and tragic life. He was totally unfitted for the privations of a pioneer settlement. He tried school teaching and carpentering and could not make a living, but he wrote songs in his time of ill health and despair. He was buried in a field near the Old Annapolis Road, where it crosses the hill fronting Lake Tupper. The only stone to his grave was a common roadside slate on which the widow had carved with a nail J. MacPherson, 1845. Sixty years later the loneliness of the spot stirred R.R. McLeod to collect a fund for a suitable monument. The remains of the young poet were transfered to the churchyard at North Brookfield where a modest marble inscribed with his verse and the old slate stone, resever to the community his almost forgotten name. In 1862 John MacPherson's poems were collected and edited by John Thompson, Editor of the Nova Scotian and father of the fourth premier of Canada, and published as the "Harp of Acadia, which is now (1937) very rare.
McPherson, John (I53300)
107 "about 1832, at the age of 52, he left N.S. and lived near Portland, Me." (Chute, 30) Adams, James (I110590)
108 "After their marriage they moved into a new house on the French River, where they raised a family. Two of their sons took over their father's business after his death. Alexander's first ship was built in 1824 and was the first of 146 vessels built by the family firm. By the 1840's his yards were empolying some 200 men and turned out five or six vessels a year. He held a large acreage of timberland, from which his workers cut vast quantities of timber to be sawed at his mills and shipped overseas on his ships. He died a few days after returning from a sitting of the Legislative Council at Halifax, to which he had been elected in 1838. His death was a great loss to the community as he had been a leader in the Church, interested in education, an officer of the Militia and a member of the Court of Sessions over which he at times presided." ( (accessed 22 Jun 2015)
CAMPBELL ALEXANDER             18540413       59       SHARON UNITED CEME; TATAMAGOUCHE       108       2
CAMPBELL MARY             18950107       87       SHARON UNITED CEME; TATAMAGOUCHE       108       2 
Campbell, Hon. Alexander (I21163)
109 "after travelling serveral years, teaching school, and taking pictures, m. Harried C..." (Chute, 34)

1881 Census, Clarence, Annapolis, N.S., district number: 16, sub district: C, division: , page number: 59, house number: 136891, family number: 278, digital folder number: 4462956, image number: 00579, film number: 1375808, library and archives canada film number: C-13172
        Household       Gender       Age       Birthplace
     Alfred Marshall       M       58y       Nova Scotia (married, farmer, English origin, Bapt)
     Hariet Marshall       F       39y       Nova Scotia
     William W Marshall       M       11y       Nova Scotia
     H Gertrude Marshall       F       10y       Nova Scotia
     Edward M Marshall       M       8y       Nova Scotia
     Rose Marshall       F       34y       Nova Scotia
"Canada Census, 1881," index, FamilySearch ( : accessed 08 Mar 2013), Alfred Marshall, Clarence, Annapolis, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Fairview Cemetery, Lawrencetown
239A Alfred Marshall Mar 14, 1823-Jan 2, 1899/ Harriet G. wife June 7, 1841-Mar 19, 1936/ Edward M. 1872-1952/ wife Minnie Morse 1878-1964 
Marshall, Alfred (I33961)
110 "Alexander was an officer in the army of King George III. Upon his retirement from the army, he went to the West Indies to secure his pension and died there. His brother James states in a land grant file that Alexander died of the effects of bad climate. Yellow Fever was the cause of hundreds of deaths in the British Army while stationed in the West Indies and could have been the cause of Alexander's death. Upon hearing of his brother's death, James went to New Brunswick and brought widowed Hannah and their children back to Truro with him." ( Kent, Col. Alexander (I96475)
111 "an artist and art critic of much note". (Whitman, 734)
Sarah W. Whitman
Sarah de St. Prix Wyman Whitman (1842– 1904) was an American artist and illustrator, stained glass designer, and author.[1]
Early years
Sarah Wyman was born in Lowell, Massachusetts in 1842 to banker William Wyman, but by her third birthday the family moved her to Baltimore, Maryland in the aftermath of her father's involvement in a bank scandal,[2] where she spent her childhood with her wealthy Wyman relatives. When she turned 11, she moved back to Lowell, in 1853 where her education was through tutoring and self-education.[3][4] At the age of 24, she married Henry Whitman, a prosperous wool merchant, and moved to Cambridge, then lived above a lively salon in a spacious townhouse in the crest of Beacon Hill.[5] And, summered on the Beverly Farms, an exclusive section of Boston's North Shore.

A late start for a professional artist, Sarah, at age 26, was first trained in Boston by William Morris Hunt, then in 1877 she went to Paris for a year, to study with Thomas Couture at the Villiers-le-Bel. Within a decade, Sarah was well established, and had her studio; "The Lily Glass Works" set up at 184 Boylston Street, Boston[6] and traveled widely, exhibiting at the National Academy of Design, the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, and the Columbian Exposition in Chicago.

Stained glass design

In the 1890s she focused on stained glass, and became one of the leading designer of stained glass windows, including two windows in Memorial Hall, Harvard side by side of three windows executed by Tiffany, as well as windows in the Schlesinger Library, and Trinity Church in Boston.

Notable stained glass commissions
    Congregational Church, Worcester, MA (1884)[7]
    Christ Church, Andover, MA (1886)[7]
    Fogg Memorial Building at Berwick Academy, South Berwick, ME (1890– 1894)[7]
    Trinity Church, Boston (1895)[7]
    Memorial Hall, Harvard University (1895– 1897, 1900)[7]
    First Church Unitarian, Brookline, MA (1898– 1901)[7]
    Memorial Hall, Bowdoin College (1903)[7]

Book illustrations & graphic design of book covers

In the course of 20 years, she worked with many authors designing the illustrations and covers of over 200 books,[8] with authors such as;
    "Our Hundred Days In Europe" by Oliver Wendell Holmes.
    The Story of a Bad Boy by Thomas Bailey Aldrich.[7]
    "An Island Garden" by Celia Thaxter.[1]
    "The King of Folly Island" by Sarah Orne Jewett.[1]
    "Betty Leicester" by Sarah Orne Jewett.[1]
    "Stangers and Wayfarers" by Sarah Orne Jewett.[1]
    "The Queen's Twin" by Sarah Orne Jewett.[1]

In her 1894 book "Women Illustrators", Author Alice Cordelia Morse says;

    Mrs. Sarah W. Whitman of Boston and Margaret N. Armstrong have taken a firm hold on the publishers, and won recognition from the public, by their appropriate, tasteful, well-studied book decoration.


According to the August 7, 1901, New York Times article called "Art Awards at Buffalo", Sarah was honored with a Bronze Metal for her submitted work in the Pan-American Exposition: 'Paintings in oil, water color, pastel, and other recognized mediums; Miniatures, cartoons' category. Artist, such as; Edwin Austin Abbey, John White Alexander and James Whistler took Gold in the competition.

Sarah's notable paintings include:
    "Afternoon on the Essex River"
    "Roses— Souvenir de Villier le bel" (1877 or 1879) displayed at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts[9]
    "Autumn Marshes" (1882) displayed at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts[10]
    "Song" (1883) displayed at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts[11]
    "A Warm Night" (1889) displayed at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts[11]
    "Niagara" (1892) displayed at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts[11]
    portrait of Martin Brimmer (1892) displayed at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts[11]
    portrait of Oliver Wendell Holmes (1892) displayed at the Moody Medical Library, University of Texas.[11]
    portrait "Evelyn" (1896)[11]


Among her other talents was writing, as she authored;
    "The making of pictures: twelve short talks with young people"[12]
    "Robert Browning in his Relation to the Art of Painting"

Later years

In the later years, Sarah, having no children, moved in with her sister Mary Rice, where they shared a home on Portland Street in South Berwick, Maine. Sarah died in June 1904, at the age of 62.

Before her own death, her friend and business partner finished a literary project called "Letters of Sarah Wyman Whitman" published in 1907, three years after Whitman's passing.[1]


Many of Sarah Whitman's papers are housed at the Houghton Library's Special Collections at Harvard University in Cambridge, MA.[13]
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Wyman, Sarah De St. Prix (I54062)
112 "an Englishman living in Boston" (Calnek, 546)

1870 US Census, Massachusetts
Household      Role      Sex      Age      Birthplace
Wm Challenor            M      45      England (Jour. Tailor)
Miriam J Challenor            F      50      England
Jessie Mccullock            F      11      Massachusetts
"United States Census, 1870," database with images, FamilySearch ( : 12 April 2016), Jessie Mccullock in household of Wm Challenor, Massachusetts, United States; citing p. 396, family 3319, NARA microfilm publication M593 (Washington D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, n.d.); FHL microfilm 552,149.

1880 US Census, Chelsea, Suffolk, M A,  NARA Film Number: T9-0562, Page: 383, Page Character: D, Entry Number: 930, Film number: 1254562
       Household      Gender      Age
Spouse       William Challoner       M       56 (tailor, born in England as were his parents)
        Mirriam Challoner       F       62 (born in Canada as were her parents)
Child       Jessie Mc Collough       F       21 (adopted daughter, single, born in MA, parents born in Scotland, book keeper)
     Prissilla Heber       F       36 (widowed, domestic servant, born in Canada as were her parents)

All Saints Anglican Graveyard, Granville Centre
57A Uncle William Challenor Feb 4, 1820 - Feb 18, 1890
Auntie, his wife, Miriam Jane June 29, 1816 - Sept 8, 1889
William Young Nov 17, 1809 - Apr 8, 1835
James Parker May 3, 1814 - May 23, 1845
sons of Daniel and Susannah McCormick
Daniel McCormick d. Feb 29, 1848 aged 64 yrs
wife Susannah d. June 8, 1830 aged 37 yrs 
Chaloner, William (I38989)
113 "an excellent surveyor, school-teacher, editor, historian, and genealogist." (Chute, cxvi) Calnek, William A. (I132560)
114 "Andrew was a corporal in a company of Minute Mem who marched on April 21, 1775. Served in American Revolution 1776-1777. He was murdered by farm helper in 1778." (McNutt, 3) McNutt, Andrew (I1227)
115 "Annie B. WELTON married J.L.L. BROWN, Esq. of Lebanon, New Hampshire." (1890) Welton, Annie B. (I151865)
116 "Annual report of the Commissioner of Patents for the year 1896"
Dunshee, Carlos E., assignor of one-half to W. C. Streabell, Chicago, 111. Newspaper-holder. 
Streabell, William Clement (I57545)
117 "Apparently a housekeeper for the Guild and/or Otis families.", Created by: memento mori, Record added: Aug 17, 2013, Find A Grave Memorial# 115628593

1910 US Census, Boston Ward 20, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Household      Role      Gender      Age      Birthplace
Olinda J Anthony      Head      F      60      Canada (single, immigrated 1890, parents born in Canada)
Mary A Sharp      Lodger      F      50      Canada
Nancy Annis      Lodger      F      69      Canada
"United States Census, 1910," index and images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 3 February 2015), Olinda J Anthony, Boston Ward 20, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States; citing enumeration district (ED) 1558, sheet 30A, family 650, NARA microfilm publication T624 (Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, n.d.); FHL microfilm 1,374,635. 
Anthony, Olinda J. (I18761)
118 "At the time of his death he was studying for the ministry expecting to devote himself to work as a foreign missionary." (Whitman, 779) Freeman, Zenas S. (I52115)
119 "at Virginia with Capt. John Smith 1607; author with Russell and Tedkill of 'Smith's General History of Virginia', London, 1624; Thomas Mumford was High Sheriff at Portsmouth, RI in 1664." (Newport, Duncanson, 329) Mumford, Thomas (I82292)
120 "b. in England 1661 [sic]; over 1634; killed by Indians at Haverhill, 1698." (Chute, cclxviii) Hayes, Jonathan (I103463)
121 "Benjamin J. was a merchant at Halifax, NS; MLA Halifax Township 1851-1859, Lunenburg County 1859-1863; Executive Council 16 Feb 1856-21 Feb 1857, 10 Feb 1860-5 June 1863; appointed to the Canadian Senate 1867; Agent for the Grand Trunk Railway at Halifax until his resignation Dec 1867; Colonel of the Naval Brigade...the main Confederate agent in Halifax during the American Civil War when business interests involved 'blockade-running or trade with the Confederate rebels'...(Newport, Duncanson, 417-418) Wier, Hon. Benjamin J. (I83506)
122 "Biographical Dictionary of Architects in Canada, 1800-1950" (accessed 25 Dec 2012)
DODGE, William Longley (fl. 1866-79) was active in Halifax, Nova Scotia where he was recorded as an architect and operator of a planing mill in that city. He operated an office as an architect in Hesslein's Building, Hollis Street, Halifax (McAlpine's Halifax City Directory, 1872-73), and resided on Tower Road in that city, where he designed his own residence, a distinctive Italianate villa only recently demolished in 1989. He may have collaborated with his brother John A. Dodge, who can be credited with a number of Gothic designs for ecclesiastical works in several towns in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.
He is almost certainly the same 'Mr. Dodge, Architect of Halifax' who furnished the plans for the Anglican Church at Ellerhouse, near Windsor, N.S., in 1875 (Halifax Daily Reporter, 3 April 1875, 2), and later that same year he was noted as 'Mr. Dodge, an architect of Halifax', the designer of the Methodist Church at Amherst, N.S. By 1879 he appears to have returned to his home in Annapolis County and from there prepared the plans for a sophisticated Gothic design for the new Anglican Church in Pictou, N.S. A brief biography of William L. Dodge can be found in M. Rosinski, Architects of Nova Scotia: A Biographical Dictionary 1605-1950, 1994, 119 (inf. Gary Shutlak, PANS)
(works in Nova Scotia)
ELLERHOUSE, N.S., Episcopal Church, 1875 (Halifax Daily Reporter, 3 April 1875, 2)
AMHERST, N.S, Methodist Church, 1875 (Daily News [Saint John], 3 Nov. 1875, 2)
PICTOU, N.S., St. James Anglican Church, 1879 (A Lion in Thistle: A History of St. James Anglican Church, Pictou, Nova Scotia, 1979, 42-44, illus. & descrip.).

1871 Census, 01, Ward 01 a, West Halifax 196, N.S., Page Number: 11, Line Number: 13, House Number: 29, Family Number: 41, Film Number: 2229138, Library and Archives Canada Film Number: C-10550, Digital Folder Number: 4396278, Image Number: 00482
       Household      Gender      Age
        William L Dodge       M       33y (married, born in NS, English, Church of England)
        Annie Cecilia Dodge  F  32y  (married, born in NS, English, Church of England)
     Homer E Dodge       M       8y
     Ada Dodge       F       3y

1881 Census, Bridgetown, Annapolis, N.S., District 16 D, p. 7, Household 39
William DODGE         M         Male         English         42         Nova Scotia         Architect         Church of England
Annie DODGE         M         Female         English         40         Nova Scotia                  Church of England
Homer DODGE                  Male         English         17         Nova Scotia                  Church of England
Ada DODGE                  Female         English         12         Halifax, Nova Scotia                  Church of England 
Dodge, William Longley (I61669)
123 "born in Outram, moved to California" (Baltzer Family, 170).
Living in Truro in 1958 when he registered his birth. 
Banks, Lenley Frank (I38812)
124 "came England in the 'Ann', 1623". (Chute, cclxviii) Morton, George (I103485)
125 "Came to New England with Governor John Winthrop in 1630 and served for many years as pastor of the First Church in Boston." ( Wilson, John (I90983)
126 "Captain of Grenadiers, killed at Battle of Chippewa, July 5, 1815" [War of 1812] (Calnek, 468) Bailey, Capt. Charles Hugh Percy (I59635)
127 "carpenter and joiner at Boston, Mass.; Church deacon." (Newport, Duncanson, 91) Allen, Henry (I98871)
128 "Christian Messenger" newspaper 17 Feb 1858 Family F15849
129 "Christian Messenger" Newspaper 7 Mar 1860. Family F15356
130 "Corporal James MacPhee had been serving in the Newfoundland detachment in 1783; (Craig, p. 39); when this detachment was enroute to the battalion headquarters at Windsor, NS the ship was caught in a violent storm and carried off course as far as the Island of Antigua in the West Indies where they were obliged to remain until repairs could be made; Corporal James MacPhee's discharge certificate has survived and is on file at the Public Archives at Halifax, NS; it shows his discharge date as 10 April 1784 with his palce of birth as Inverness-shire and his age as 24 years;" "He served in the 2nd Bn., 84th Regt. and was Corporal when disbanded in Apr. 1784...on 13 Dec. 1785 Cpl. James MacPhee was deeded 200 acres of the regimental lands which had been granted to Col. Small..." (Rawdon/Douglas, 422)

Email from Harris MacPhee, 25 Aug 2017.
Source for the James MacPhee not being a son of John (Sr.) comes from my searching the Halifax archives and looking at the muster lists  of the 84th where John's family are listed starting with Evan as being the oldest. There have been a couple of sources listing James as a son but I have been suspicious of that.  Also I have had considerable contact with Bill MacPhee (now deceased) in Phoenix who is a descendant of James.  We have had discussions (over the years) about James being the son of John Sr. until he had his DNA tested and found that he is a completely different line from my John Sr line.  He displayed markers showing middle east heritage.  Another researcher, Linda MacPhee in Ontario felt James was either a cousin or nephew.  In any event, from my research I'm quite sure James  was not a son of John Sr. 
McPhee, James (I64944)
131 "d. at about 30" (Chute, ccxxxix) Martin, Ambrose (I179534)
132 "d. away off in the West." (Chute, cxxxix) Palmer, John (I172492)
133 "d. in the army during the war of the rebellion" (Whitman, 798) Barteaux, David (I165726)
134 "d. on a passage from Jamaica to Wilmington, N.C." (Chute, clv) Potter, Joseph J. (I127140)
135 "d. soon" (Chute, 90) Minard, Serena E. (I146487)
136 "Daniel was a blacksmith and known as 'Devil Dan' because of his fun loving spirit and his free thinking attitude towards established religion; there are stories about 'Devil Dan' and his poetry..." (Rawdon/Douglas, Duncanson, 96)

1871 Census, NS, Hants 188, Noel (d2), p. 11, Dwelling 34, Family 36
BLOIS, DANIEL G.  M  69 (born in NS, Church of Engd, English origin, blacksmith, married)
BLOIS, MARY  F  56 (born in NS, Church of Engd, English origin, married)
BLOIS, HORATIA N.  M  18 (born in NS, Church of Engd, English origin, labourer)
BLOIS, SARAH F.  F  12 (born in NS, Church of Engd, English origin)

Not found in 1881 census. 
Blois, Daniel Garret (I5920)
137 "Darius and two other crew members aboard the Angola were wrecked off the China Sea Oct. 1900; when the survivors arrived ashore they were starving and drew names; Darius lost and was cannibalized by his shipmates." (Newport, Duncanson, 322) Campbell, Darius (I110401)
138 "Daugher of late Mr. and Mrs. James Harvey of Prince Albert Saskatchewan, on death of parents made home with aunt and uncle Joseph Harvey of Hantsport." (Harvie/Harvey, 163) Harvie, Lena Evelyn (I74737)
139 "daughter of Francis Parker of Petite (Walton)." (Newport, Duncanson, 315) Parker, Mary (I76604)
140 "death at Miragoane of Capt. Plemann Harvie of bktn. L. M. Smith on the 13th July..." (Harvie/Harvey, 50) Harvey, Capt. Albert Pleman (I91939)
141 "died on Active Service WWII Flying Officer RCAF". (Falmouth, Duncanson, 285) Lawrence, F/O Francis Winburn RCAF (I144096)
142 "DIED on Sunday, after a short illness accompanied with measles, Lavinia, wife of John Whidden, Esq., in the 35th year of her age. An affectionate and exemplary wife and mother, she was relieved from her earthly sufferings with a sure hope of blessed immortality in a better world." [The Halifax Pearl - March 2 1838] ( Chipman, Lavinia (I51676)
143 "Died young" (Falmouth, Duncanson, 286) Lawrence, Stuart (I143949)
144 "Donald Grant is said to have given the homestead to his son William on 31 Mar. 1853. (Men of the Soil, p. 90)" (Rawdon/Douglas, Duncanson, 219

1871 Census, NS, Hants 188, Noel d2, p. 8, Dwelling 25, Family 27
Grant William  M  47 (born in NS, Presb. L. Provinces, Scotch origin, wheel wright & farmer, married)
Grant Elizabeth  F  45 (born in NS, Presb. L. Provinces, Scotch origin, married)
Grant James  M  70 (born in NS, Presb. L. Provinces, Scotch origin. 'taylor', widowed)
Grant Alexander  M  19 (born in NS, Presb. L. Provinces, Scotch origin, farmer)
Grant George S.  M  16 (born in NS, Presb. L. Provinces, Scotch origin, farmer)
Grant Margery A.  F  13 (born in NS, Presb. L. Provinces, Scotch origin)
Grant James C.  M  9 (born in NS, Presb. L. Provinces, Scotch origin)
Grant Jessie I.  F  7 (born in NS, Presb. L. Provinces, Scotch origin)

1881 Census, NS, Hants 18, Gore i15, p. 32, Dwelling 118, Household 123
Grant William  M  57 (born in NS, C. Presb., Scotch origin, farmer, widowed)
Grant George  M  26 (born in NS, C. Presb., Scotch origin, farmer)
Grant Margery  F  23 (born in NS, C. Presb., Scotch origin)
Grant Cameron  M  19 (born in NS, C. Presb., Scotch origin)
Grant Jessie  F  17 (born in NS, C. Presb., Scotch origin)
Grant Annie Etta  F  9 (born in NS, C. Presb., Scotch origin) [niece, daughter of brother James]

1891 Census, NS, Hants 35, Gore h21, p. 12, Household 53
Grant William  M  67  Married (born in NS, father born in Scotland, mother born in NS, Presbyterian, farmer)
Grant Matilda  F  42  Married  Wife (born in NS, parents born in NS, Presbyterian)
Grant John B.  M  4  Son (born in NS, parents born in NS, Presbyterian)
Grant Annie E.  F  19  Niece (born in NS, parents born in NS, Presbyterian)
Cameron Annie G.  F  10  Niece (born in NS, parents born in NS, Presbyterian)

East Gore Cemetery
Grant William  1823-1900
Grant Matilda S  1848-1926 
Grant, William (I18386)
145 "drowned in youth" (Chute, cxxxix) Palmer, Lewis (I172494)
146 "drowned off the Ocean Wave" (Chute, 161) Sabean, Elias (I162874)
147 "engaged in business with his brothers at 41 Leonard st., N. Y. City; residence, New Brighton, Staten Island." (Whitman, 728) Whitman, Charles Louis (I53991)
148 "engaged in the lumber trade in Maine". (Whitman, 770)

1880 US Census, Lawrence, Essex, MA, NA Film Number T9-0530, p. 449D
Moses E WOODBURRY         Self         M         Male         W         31         MA         Grocer         NH         MA
Emma WOODBURRY         Wife         M         Female         W         34         NS                  NS         NS
Edith WOODBURRY         Dau         S         Female         W         10         MA                  MA         NS
Blanche WOODBURRY         Dau         S         Female         W         9         MA                  MA         NS
Sanford W WOODBURRY         Son         S         Male         W         5         MA                  MA         NS
Mabel WOODBURRY         Dau         S         Female         W         3M         MA                  MA         NS
Avard WELTON         Other         S         Male         W         20         NS         Grocer Clerk         NS         NS
Elias P GRIMES         Other         S         Male         W         19         NS         Cotton Mill         NS         NS
Lucy BARBER         Other         S         Female         W         21         CAN         Servant         CAN         CAN

1910 US Census, Chelsea Ward 1, Suffolk, MA, Family Number: 24, Page Number: 2
       Household      Gender      Age
     Frank G Smith       M       56y
     Sarah D Smith       F       42y
     Evelyn M Kelley       F       9y
     Lucius Perkins       M       60y
     James Bennett       M       38y
     Lawrence Bennett       M       30y
        Elias Grimes       M       49y (born in Canada as were his parents, immigrated in 1877, divorced)
     George E Leeman       M       27y
     Louis E Chick       M       21y
     John Mcrae       M       34y 
Grimes, Elias P. (I53106)
149 "entered into the employ of Lewis Edw. Piers, ship chandler, Halifax and joined the Royal Navy becoming a Capt. R.N.; m. in England; no family; his relatives inherited from his estate after much litigation." (Newport, Duncanson, 378) Smith, Capt. Woodbury R.N. (I97161)
150 "Esq., Soho Square, London". (Newport, Duncanson, 268) Spilsbury, Francis (I81820)

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