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The Sabin(e) surname, found in ancient English records, does not appear among the Huguenots, as is often said. 
Sabin, Samuel (I57195)

1901 Census of Canada
Name: Blanche Mccallum
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Age: 14
Birth Day & Month: 27 Jan
Birth Year: 1886
Birthplace: Ns
Relation to Head of House: Daughter
Mother's Name: Sarah Mccallum
Racial or Tribal Origin: Irish
Nationality: Canadian
Religion: Presbyterian
Province: Nova Scotia
District: Colchester
District Number: 29
Sub-District: North River
Sub-District Number: O-1
Household Members: Name - Age
Sarah Mccallum: 37
Seymour Mccallum: 18
Grace F Mccallum: 16
Blanche Mccallum: 14
Ralph Mccallum: 8 (accessed 14 Dec 2013)
Blanche Celia McCollum Dalrymple
Birth: Jan. 27, 1886
North River, Colchester County, Nova Scotia, Canada
Death: 1951
Arlington, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, USA
Family links:
  Clarence Elroy Dalrymple (1888 - 1977)*
  Rachel Grace Dalrymple Buttrick (1911 - 1981)*
  Elsie Enith Dalrymple Miller (1912 - 1997)*
  Doris Dalrymple Custance (1914 - 2006)*
  Irene Dalrymple Dillman (1916 - 2007)*

*Calculated relationship

Westview Cemetery
Middlesex County
Massachusetts, USA
Created by: Donald G. Dalrymple 
McCallum, Blanche Celia (I70929)
1901 Census, District: NS HALIFAX (#33), Subdistrict: Halifax (City/Cité) Ward/Quartier No. 4 D-3 Page 3
23               314       Harrington Wm. H.       M               Head       M       Jan 24       1840       61
24               314       Harrington Charlotte       F               Wife       M       Aug 4       1841       59
25               314       Harrington Emily       F               Daughter       S       Sep 5       1873       27
26               314       Harrington Lucy       F               Daughter       S       Jul 14       1877       23 
Harrington, William Harris (I54791)
4 "The Cemeteries of North Cumberland" by Joyce Aitchison Wills lists:
St. Cyprian Roman Catholic Church Cem., Wallace Ridge
Wallace B. Carty, 1883-1965
His wife, A. Marguerite Crooks, 1890-1964
(courtesy of Gerry Mattinson, email, 16 Dec 2015) 
Crooks, Margaret (I15450)
5      Power, Josephine Loretta (I47750)
6      Family F1170
7 1871 Census, NS, Hants 188, St. Croix (k), p. 50, Dwelling 170, Family 174
BAXTER, OLIVER  M  79 (born in NS, W. Meth., Irish origin, farmer, married)
BAXTER, ANN  F  65 (born in NS, W. Meth., Irish origin, married)
BAXTER, ANNIE  F  25 (born in NS, W. Meth., Irish origin)
BAXTER, SOLTAR  M  33 (born in NS, W. Meth., Irish origin, farmer, married, March)
BAXTER, LATITUA  F  30 (born in NS, W. Meth., Irish origin, married, March)
BAXTER, HURBERT  M  16 (born in NS, W. Meth., Irish origin, farmer)

1881 Census, Windsor, Hants, N.S., District 18 C 2, p. 18, Household 72
Salter BAXTER         M         Male         Scottish         42         Nova Scotia         Farmer         Methodist
Letitia BAXTER         M         Female         Scottish         39         Nova Scotia                  Methodist
Morton P. BAXTER                  Male         Scottish         9         Nova Scotia                  Methodist
Monson H BAXTER                  Male         Scottish         7         Nova Scotia                  Methodist
Jessie M BAXTER                  Female         Scottish         5         Nova Scotia                  Methodist
Jane E BAXTER                  Female         Scottish         3         Nova Scotia                  Methodist
Frank E BAXTER                  Male         Scottish         1         Nova Scotia                  Methodist

1901 Census, District: NS CUMBERLAND (#30), Subdistrict: Port Greville (PD 34) D(1) Page 6
30               56       Baxter Salter       M               Head       M       Jul 3       1834       63
31               56       Baxter Letitia       F               Wife       M       Dec 13       1840       60
32               56       Baxter Frank       M               Son       S       Jan 18       1880       21
33               56       Hatfield Daniel       M               Domestic       S       Aug 9       1885       15

Census 1911 / Nova Scotia / Cumberland / 25 Port Greville poll district no. 34 / page 1
16                 4        Baxter Salter                 M        Head        M        Oct        1835        75
17               4       Baxter Letitia               F       Wife       M       Dec       1839       71
18               4       Baxter Jessie               F       Daughter       M       Nov       1875       35
19               4       Baxter Frank               M       Son       S       Jan       1881       29
20               4       Mac? Waley?               M       Boarder       S       Oct       1899       11 
Baxter, Salter (I16472)
8 1871 Census, NS, Kings 189, Lakeville 2 h2, p. 11, Dwelling 33, Family 38
Wood Elizabeth  F  41 (born in NS, Baptist, English origin, farmer, widowed)
Wood Mary J.  f  15 (born in NS, Baptist, English origin)
Wood Annabelle  F  12 (born in NS, Baptist, English origin)
Wood Arthur W.  M  10 (born in NS, Baptist, English origin)
Wood Leander W.  M  6 (born in NS, Baptist, English origin)
Wood Herbert   M 2 (born in NS, Baptist, English origin)
Wood David O.   M  8/12  July (born in NS, Baptist, English origin)

1901 Census, District:      NS KINGS (#36), Subdistrict: Brooklyn Street C Page 4
26               40       Wood Arthur       M               Head       M       Apr 29       1860       40 [all born in NS]
27               40       Wood Bessie       F               Wife       M       Jun 25       1868       42
28               40       Wood Shirley       M               Son       S       Apr 20       1893       7
29               40       Wood Orance       M               Son       S       May 6       1899       1
30               40       Wood Leander       M               Brother       S       May 20       1865       35
31               40       Wood Annie       F               Sister       S       Oct 20       1851       49
32               40       McLane Lena       F               Sister       S       Oct 20       1871       29
33               40       Brown Sarah       F               Mother       W       Dec 6       1828       72

Census 1911 / Nova Scotia / Kings / 15 Cornwallis poll district / page 7
28               75       Wood Arthur               M       Head       M       Apr       1861       50
29               76       Wood Bessie               F       Wife       M       Jun       1868       43
30               76       Wood Shirley               M       Son       S       Apr       1893       18
31               76       Wood Orance               M       Son       S       May       1899       12
32               76       Wood Elizabeth, Mrs.               F       Mother       W       Dec       1828       82
33               76       Wood ?ilia               F       Sister       S       Oct       1867       53
34               76       Laufeld (?) Mina               F       Boarder       S       Sep       1889       21

Is this a misprint?
Billtown Baptist Cemetery
In memory of David Wood, died 3 Feb 1871, aged 55 yrs. Sarah E Wood, 1819-1906. (Row 3 Stone 43) [Sarah E Wood, 1829-1916?] 
Woodward, Sarah Elizabeth (I56791)
9 1881 Census, Windsor Road, Halifax, N.S., District Number: 10, Sub-District: O, Division: , Page Number: 2, Household ID: 115047, Family Number: 7, Digital Folder Number: 4462766, Image Number: 00310, GS Film number: 1375805, Affiliate Film Number: C-13169
        Household       Gender       Age       Birthplace
     Charles Shonamon       M       67y       Nova Scotia (married, farmer, German origin, Ch. of Eng.)
     Jane Shonamon       F       60y       Nova Scotia
     Charles Shonamon       M       34y       Nova Scotia
     Ann Shonamon       F       30y       Nova Scotia
     Charles Henry Shonamon       M       1y       Nova Scotia
     Elizabeth Jane Shonamon       F       14y       Nova Scotia
"Canada Census, 1881," index, FamilySearch ( : accessed 18 Feb 2014), Charles Shonamon in household of Charles Shonamon, Windsor Road, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

1891 Census, NS, Halifax County 34, Sackville 17, p. 33, Household 163
Gilby Jacob  M  31  Married (born in NS, father born in England, mother born in NS, CE, farmer)
Gilby Barbara  F  30  Married  Wife (born in Cape Breton, parents born in Cape Breton, Presbyterian)
Gilby Gracie  F  80  Widowed  Mother (born in NS, father born in Nfld, mother born in NS, CE)
Gilby Maynard  M  4  Son (born in NS, father born in NS, mother born in Cape Breton, CE)
Gilby Keneth  M  2  Son (born in NS, father born in NS, mother born in Cape Breton, CE)
Gilby John  M  38  Brother (born in NS, father born in England, mother born in NS, CE, farmer)
Shunamon Charles  M  11  Lodger (born in NS, parents born in NS, CE)
Shunamon Beatrice  F  9   Lodger (born in NS, parents born in NS, CE)

Not found in 1901 or 1911 census. 
Shonaman, Charles (I16544)
10 1901 Census, District: NS HANTS (#34), Subdistrict: Kempt G-1 Page 7
38               78       McLellan Austin, Jr.       M               Head       M       Jun         1870       30
39               78       McLellan Amelia       F               Wife       M       Nov         1877       23
40               78       McLellan Freddie       M               Son       S       Oct 29       1893       7
41               78       McLellan Percy       M               Son       S       Jul 5       1896       4
42               78       McLellan Melvin       M               Son       S       Oct 24       1898       2

Census 1911 / Nova Scotia / Hants / 20 Walton poll district / page 8
19                 86        McLellan Austin                 M        Head        M        Jan        1866        45 [all born in NS]
20               86       McLellan Amelia               F       Wife       M       Nov       1874       36
21               86       McLellan Fredrick               M       Son       S       Oct       1893       17
22               86       McLellan Percy               M       Son       S       Jul       1896       14
23               86       McLellan Melvin               M       Son       S       Oct       1897       13
24               86       McLellan Merton               M       Son       S       Jul       1901       9
25               86       McLellan Frazer               M       Son       S       Jul       1903       7
26               86       McLellan Harry               M       Son       S       Oct       1905       5
27               86       McLellan Leilla               F       Daughter       S       Oct       1907       3
28               86       McLellan Loyd               M       Son       S       Dec       1910       6/12       
McLellan, Austin (I14657)
11 A retired mink farmer according to his death registration.

Census 1911 / British Columbia / Yale-Cariboo / 56 Similkameen / page 16
37               184       Ewart Max B.               M       Head       M       Jun       1877       33
38               184       Ewart Ella Margaret               F       Wife       M       May       1885       26
39               184       Ewart               F       Daughter       S       Apr       1911       1/12
40               184       Liddimant? William               M       Lodger       S       May       1882       28
41               184       O'Neil Freeman               M       Lodger       S       Jul       1879       31 (born in NS, labourer)
42               184       Ross Henry               M       Lodger       S       Jul       1874       36
43               184       McIntosh Peter               M       Lodger       S       Sep       1855       55 
O'Neil, Freeman (I21536)
12 Annapolis County Probate Acts Booksm Volume 2
3031. Page 267, dated 16 Jul 1896: LA for the estate of Cassie B. RANDALL, late of Lawrencetown, married women, granted to husband J. Harding RANDALL of Lawrencetown. Page 1, 31 Jan 1900, petition for settlement. Estate Folio R140 (1896): She died 9 Aug 1894. No children. Siblings: J. Albert BECKWITH of Nictaux, R. N. BECKWITH of Halifax, E. M.  BECKWITH of Canning, Burpee? BECKWITH of Jamacia, West Indies, Mary B. wife of Valentine LANDRY of Weymouth, Digby County, Lalia B. widow of Wentworth SHEFFIELD of Sheffield Mills, King's County. 
Beckwith, Catherine Amelia (I42717)
13 Freeda Elvira Fox
(December 11, 1919 - April 2, 2011)
FREEDA ELVIRA (ANDERSON) FOX, 91, of Upper Clements, Annapolis County, passed away with quiet dignity on April 2, 2011, at the Annapolis Community Health Centre. Born at West Dalhousie, Anna. Co., she was a daughter of the late Eva Gladys (Spurr) and Stanley Everett Anderson. She graduated from Annapolis Royal Academy and was employed as a medical receptionist prior to her marriage. During her younger life she was a member of the Anglican Church Guild, taught Sunday School, was a volunteer canvasser for various charities, and proudly took part in the Terry Fox walk when in her 70's. Her flower gardens and rhododendrons were a source of summertime enjoyment and pride while reading and window bird watching occupied her interest during the winter months. She enthusiastically enjoyed all aspects of community life, especially Sunday Church, Frenchy outings and lunch at Leo's. All who met Mum will miss her beautiful smile, positive nature and love of life. She will be deeply missed and forever loved and remembered by daughter Jeanne Fox, of Upper Clements and Kentville, sister Eileen (Ernest) Leonard, Bridgewater, and many nieces, nephews, friends and her pet "Rocky". She was predeceased in 2001 by her husband of 61 years, Zenas H. Fox, sisters Vera Gibson, Ruby Goucher, Ellen Porter, Jean Durling and brothers Lloyd, Lawrence and Joseph. Special appreciation is extended to the staff of the ACHC and her care givers for their tender loving care. Cremation has taken place under the direction of Kaulbach Family Funeral Home, Annapolis Royal. No visitation by request. Memorial service will be held Wednesday, April 6th at 2:00 p.m. at St. Luke's Anglican Church, Annapolis Royal, with Rev. Canon Kenneth Vaughan officiating. Interment will be in the Oak Hill Cemetery, Dugway Rd., Allain's River.

Memorial donations may be made to: Oak Hill Cemetery Co., c/o Margaret Mailman, #3067, RR2, Annapolis Royal, BOS1A0; the Annapolis Community Health Centre - Palliative Care or The Parish of Annapolis, P.O. Box 427, Annapolis Royal, B0S 1A0.

"In peace and joy I now depart, according to God's will For full of comfort is my heart, so calm and sweet and still; So doth God His promise keep, and death to me is but a sleep." 
Anderson, Freeda Elvira (I75016)
14 HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA, Thursday March 9, 2006
Glendon Clyde ELLIOTT,
Glendon Clyde - 85, Kentville, passed away Wednesday, March 8, 2006, in Valley Regional Hospital, Kentville. Born on Long Island, Digby Co., he was a son of the late Austin and Enola (Darris) Elliott. He was a veteran of the Second World War. A carpenter by trade, he taught school for one year and was later self-employed. In 1948, along with his family, he moved to Bedford and for 40 years was an active member of Bedford Baptist Church. In 1952, he was baptized and later served the church on the board of trustees as a teller and as a leader of the Tyro Boys Group. In 1987, together with his wife, Irma, he retired to Kentville and was affiliated with Kentville Baptist Church. He was a perfectionist in life and work, and was an avid gardener. He is survived by his wife of 59 years, the former Irma Levy; daughter, Renata (Herbie Desmond, Lower Sackville; son, Darrel (Cheryl), Fletchers Lake; foster son, Willie Jackson, Barrie, Ont.; sisters, Eva Pyne and Mona Buckman, and brothers, Paul (Sheila "Budd") and Claude (Millie), all of Long Island; grandchildren, Michael, Scott, Denise, Tara-Lee,Glenn, and Keith; great-grandchildren, Vonté, Chelsey, Noah, Olivia, Callum, Madisyn, and Haley; several nieces and nephews. He was predeceased by sisters, Verna Bates, Freda Tibert, Joan Young,Naida Hall; sister, Noreen in infancy; brothers, Norman, Lawrence, Donald, Andrew, Alvin, and Melbourne. Visitation will be held from 3-5 and 7-9 p.m. with a Royal Canadian Legion service to be held at 7 p.m. today in White Family Funeral Home, Kentville. A funeral servicewill be held at 3 p.m. Friday, March 10, in Kentville Baptist Church, Rev. John McNally officiating. Burial will take place in Greenfield Cemetery, Kings County, at a later date. Family flowers only by request. Donations in memory may be made to Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia or a charity of your choice. Funeral arrangements have been entrusted to White Family Funeral Home, Kentville. 
Elliott, Glendon Clyde (I106178)
15 Joan Audrey Hutchinson
(April 3, 1917 - August 30, 2012)
Hutchinson, Joan Audrey, 95 of Blomidon Court, Greenwich, formerly of Bridgetown, passed away on August 30, 2012 in Blomidon Court. Born in Calgary, Alberta on April 3, 1917 she was a daughter of the late Harry and Edith (Matsell) Farquhar. Joan was a giving and caring person, and will be well remembered for her many volunteer efforts in the church and community both in the Bridgetown area and in Bonita Springs, Florida; where she, and her late husband Les, spent many happy winters. Although Joan was an avid gardener, and had a passion for golf and scrabble, and competitions of any kind, her greatest love was family, especially the grandchildren. She very much enjoyed family get-togethers and reunions, and as soon as one gathering finished she was busy planning or lobbying for the next one. She will be dearly missed by friends and family. Joan is survived by her daughter, Beverly (William) Lewis; daughter-in-law Margaret "Peggy" Hutchinson; sister, Shirley (Douglas) Sawyer; brother, Donald (Dorothy) Farquhar; grandchildren, Brian Lewis, Peter (Bev) Lewis, Ian (Sonya) Hutchinson, Alan (Linda) Hutchinson, Susan (Paul) Andriopoulos, Bruce (Cindy) Hutchinson; sister in-law, Madeleine Farquhar; fifteen great grandchildren; several nieces and nephews. She was predeceased by her husband, Leslie; son, Burnie; brother, Ben; and two great grandchildren. Cremation has taken place under the care and direction of Kaulbach Family Funeral Home and Cremation Service, Bridgetown. A memorial service will be held at 2:00 pm Monday, September 3rd in the William Black United Church, Bridgetown, Rev. Janis Campbell officiating. Following a private interment at Riverside Cemetery, Bridgetown; the family will greet friends at a reception in the Church Hall. Family flowers only please. Donations in Joan's memory may be made to the Canadian Cancer Society, the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Nova Scotia or Charity of choice. 
Farquhar, Joan Audrey (I2092)
16 Living in 1957 when his sister Violet signed his birth registration. Living in 1976 in Upper Granville when he signed twin sister Violet's birth registration. Gillis, Cecil Earl (I162470)
17 Living in Tatamagouche in 1954.

Lockerbie Memorial Cemetery, Tatamagouche
David Roy Bell, 1901 -- 1978
wife, Jane B. Donaldson, 1902 -- 1991 
Donaldson, Janie Belle (I15430)
18 OCCUPATION: Tailor and farmer at Upper Rawdon, N.S.
Baptised 22 Apr 1770 Anglican Rec., Sleights, Eskdaleside, Yorkshire, England. He remained in England when the family moved to America in 1774; his father returned to England in 1801 and persuaded John and his family to settle at Rawdon, N.S.; John purchased land at Rawdon from John Landerkin and his wife Mary on 10 April 1804 (HCReg. Bk.7, p.193). He applied for a grant of land and stated that he had been brought up to farming and tailoring. He had a wife and 5 children. He applied for 300 acres adjacent to Rawdon. Governor Wentworth had ordered a survey for this land. He later applied for an additional 200 acres stating that his family had increased by two children since the last petition. John Fenton's 300 acre grant at Rawdon was dated 23 Mar 1810 and was numbered Lot 1 (The King to James Dewel and others). John Fenton married in England Ann Henn (1766-1854). (Rawdon/Douglas, 186-187) 
Fenton, John B. (I2624)
Marriage Bond: Registration  Year:  1813   - Book:  1800   - Page:  3062   - Number: 
Family F23043
Marriage: Registration Year: 1896 - Book: 1840 - Page: 20 - Number: 38 
Family F10982
Marriage: Registration  Year:  1882   - Book:  1826   - Page:  157   - Number:  113 (listed as 'Victoria J. Strong') 
Family F1882
Marriage: Registration  Year:  1885   - Book:  1801   - Page:  168   - Number:  82 (listed as "Mary E. Pierce') 
Family F3430
23 ! Never married Lyall, Catherine (I862)
24 !BIBLE: Family bible, Jean Hennigar Sicard, Angele (I1021)
25 !BIRTH: Confirmed by wife.

!MARRIAGE: Confirmed by wife.

!DEATH: confirmed by wife. 
Pompili-Schatz, Maurits (I1068)
26 !BIRTH: Family bible, Jean Hennigar

!CHR: Family bible, Jean Hennigar 
Sicard, Eveline Alma (I1009)
27 !BIRTH: Family bible, Jean Hennigar

!Chr: Family bible, Jean Hennigar 
Sicard, Emma (I1023)
28 !BIRTH: Family bible, Jean Hennigar

!CHR: Family bible, Jean Hennigar 
Sicard, Sarah (I1025)
29 !BIRTH: Family bible, Jean Hennigar

!MARRIAGE: Family bible N. Ouellette. 
Sicard, Deline (I1022)
30 !BIRTH: Family bible, Jean Hennigar

!MARRIAGE: Family bible, Jean Hennigar 
Auger, Alma (I1008)
31 !BIRTH: Family Bible, Jean Hennigar
        Note- year of birth may be in error, likely should be 1842 as her
              younger brother was born November 1840. 
Sicard, Casildee (I1019)
32 !BIRTH: Family bible, Jean Hennigar Sicard, Philomene (I1018)
33 !BIRTH: Family bible, Jean Hennigar Sicard, Dina (Presia) (I1028)
34 !BIRTH: Family bible, Jean Hennigar,

!CHR: Family bible, Jean Hennigar.

!DEATH: Family Bible, Jean Hennigar.

!MARRIAGE: Family bible N. Ouellette. 
Sicard, Joseph (I1016)
35 !BIRTH: Family bible, Jean Hennigar, Family bible N.Quellette

!CHR: Family bible, Jean Hennigar.

!DEATH: Family Bible, Jean Hennigar. 
Sicard, Joseph (I1024)
36 !BIRTH: Family bible, Jean Hennigar.

!CHR: Family bible, Jean Hennigar. 
Sicard, Olympe (I1026)
37 !BIRTH: Family Bible, Jean Hennigar.
        Date on her teachers certificate is said to be 13 Feb 1845 per Aline
        (Savignac) Johnston, Grandaughter of Zoe.

!MARRIAGE: Letter Aline (Savignac) Johnston
           Family bible N. Ouellette 
Sicard, Susan (Zoe) (I1020)
38 !BIRTH: Letter Aline (Savignac) Johnston Mitchell, Margaret (I2768)
39 !BIRTH: Letter Aline (Savignac) Johnston Mitchell, Georgiana (Georgina) (I2769)
40 !BIRTH: Place of birth either Wick or Caithness Lyall, William (I859)
41 !DEATH: Family bible, Jean Hennigar Sicard, Felix Albert (I1015)
42 !DEATH: One of two daughters that died in diptheria epidemic in the late 1880's Unknown (I992)
43 !DEATH: One of two daughters that died in the diptheria epidemic in the late
Unknown (I991)
44 !DOC: AND-3 Pg.11

!MARRIAGE: The Andersons of Musquodoboit Harbour, PANS, Halifax, N.S. 
Holbrook, Edwina (I1819)
45 !DOC: AND-3 Pg.13,AND-5 Pg.7,

RESIDENCE: Halifax, N.S.

!MARRIAGE: The Andersons of Musquodoboit Harbour, PANS, Halifax, N.S. 
Bayer, Alexander (I1872)
46 !DOC: AND-3 Pg.13. AND-5 Pg.7,

RESIDENCE: Halifax, N.S.

HISTORY: Lived with her aunt Anne Wallace.

!BIRTH: The Andersons of Musquodoboit Harbour, PANS, Halifax, N.S.

CHRISTENING: 1 September 1839 at St. Andrew's Church, Halifax.

!MARRIAGE: The Andersons of Musquodoboit Harbour, PANS, Halifax, N.S. 
Anderson, Margaret (I1770)
47 !DOC: AND-3 Pg.14

!MARRIAGE: The Andersons of Musquodoboit Harbour, PANS, Halifax, N.S. 
Bany, Sophie (I1917)
48 !DOC: AND-3 Pg.16, AND-5 Pgs.7 & 12,

RESIDENCE: Halifax, N.S.

HISTORY: William Charles Anderson was born March 17,1843 at Musquodoboit
         Harbour and baptized at St. Andrew's Church, Halifax on September 24,
         1843. He married Mary Ann King on May 28,1872 at Halifax. She was born
         November 14,1850 at Halifax and was the eldest daughter of James and
         Eliza King. She died January 28,1931 at Annapolis Royal,N.S. William
         lived in Halifax where he was a merchant. He went totally blind in his
         later years but this did not preent him  from personally supervising
         his affairs. He died February 10,1904.

!BIRTH,DEATH: The Andersons of Musquodoboit Harbour, PANS, Halifax, N.S.

!MARRIAGE: The Andersons of Musquodoboit Harbour, PANS, Halifax, N.S. 
Anderson, William Charles (I1773)
49 !DOC: AND-3 Pg.21, AND-5 Pg.8,

HISTORY: His grandfather had come to Nova Scotia from Scotland with the
         Anderson family.

RESIDENCE: Halifax, N.S.

!DEATH: The Andersons of Musquodoboit Harbour, PANS, Halifax, N.S.

!MARRIAGE: The Andersons of Musquodoboit Harbour, PANS, Halifax, N.S.
           Married by Rev. James Rosborough February 14, 1876. 
Farquhar, Captain James Augustus (I2060)
50 !DOC: AND-3 Pg.4, AND-5 Pg.10,

RESIDENCE: Petpeswick Harbour.

HISTORY: He was a sea captain and was an executor of William Anderson's will
         along with Austin Anderson.

!MARRIAGE: The Andersons of Musquodoboit Harbour, PANS, Halifax, N.S. 
Gilbert, Jeffery (I983)

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